China paid millions of dollars locally to spread its lies about COVID
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 26th December 2021

If you still think that China isn’t pulling the strings of puppets all around the United States, folks, think again.

News has come out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid millions of dollars to spread lies and disinformation about COVID—the deadly virus that originated in Wuhan.

Sean Hannity on Twitter: “CCP Paid Millions to D.C. Radio Station to Run Propaganda / Twitter”

CCP Paid Millions to D.C. Radio Station to Run Propaganda


We can only wonder how many other radio stations and media outlets got the same type of payout to shill for the CCP. Could any Baltimore stations be on that list?

As we go through this latest surge, where all the venom is unleashed on the opposite side of the great vaccine debate, let’s not forget where this virus came from and how the misinformation about it at the beginning cost lives.

We hope that our governor and county executive are on the mend. We’re taking it easy on them for the time being, but that ‘lay back because they have COVID’ grace period is about to expire.

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