Did the former teacher, Johnny O, use new math to skew crime rate data?
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 18th January 2022
Does Johnny O swear by his statement that violent crime went down last year? Didn’t he spend most of 2021 throwing out excuses–none of which pointed to him or failing police leadership–for the rapidly raising crime rates? (Photo Credit: Facebook.com)

Folks, we wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen and heard it ourselves.

You can tell it is an election year. Throughout these next 10 months, we will be treated to half-truths, plenty of spinning and reframing of issues and date, and flat-out lies from our entrenched politicians who are desperate to keep themselves in office.

Our county executive, Johnny O, will be right in that pack of wolves who will stop at nothing to get another term to do very little and claim a lot.

This morning, Johnny O joined WBAL radio’s C4 & Bryan Nehman to talk about a host of burning issues, like COVID response, the public schools (because, in case you didn’t know, he IS A FORMER TEACHER), bulk trash pickup, and crime rates.

If only the bulk trash pickup would stop in front of the county building and haul away the council members, administration, nepotism hires, and criminals…

The last item on our list above was a real whopper, folks.

Johnny O said violent crime in Baltimore County went down by 18% last year.


Phil Yacuboski on Twitter: “.@BaltCoExec tells @C4WBAL @BryanNehman on @wbalradio says violent crime in #BaltimoreCounty was down last year by 18%. / Twitter”

@BaltCoExec tells @C4WBAL @BryanNehman on @wbalradio says violent crime in #BaltimoreCounty was down last year by 18%.

Take a minute to try and chew that tripe you’re being fed.

This is the same Johnny O who spent a good part of 2021 blaming the rise in violent and other crime on everything from the pandemic to mental health to not eating properly.

In other words, rising crime rates were all caused by things out of Johnny O’s control.

But, after he spent last year giving excuses for rising crime rates, and specifically mentioning increases in violent crimes, he suddenly backtracks and says that those types of crimes decreased significantly???

We know Johnny O is a FORMER TEACHER. We know that he holds a Ph.D., which may as well stand for “Piled High & Deep.” So, he’s obviously smart on several levels.

But how can he explain such a sudden turn in the violent crime rates that he spent most of last year defending as being out of his control???

We can only think of one explanation—new math. You know, that math system that is supposed to simplify mathematical concepts so that everyone can do math but really just confuses people or justifies how 2+2 no longer equals 4?

That has to be it. Johnny O and his bean counters used some new math mumbo jumbo to make a rising crime rate suddenly go down … and, coincidentally, it happened in an election year.

Sorry, folks. We’re NOT buying it. Ask people if they feel 18% safer this year. Ask victims if they had 18% less trouble. Ask residents in high-crime areas if their property values reflect that 18% drop.

The only thing that is 18% less is our confidence in our so-called leaders to give us information straight.

Now we have to figure out if that number is a half-truth, bold-faced lie, or a political spin that only looks at one specific type of violent crime, like “violent crime decreased 18% if you’re only counting incidents featuring women ages 17-18 who also have 10 letters in their last name and only eat meat on odd-numbered days.”

And this election year is just getting started, so we’re sure Johnny’s mouth is just warming up, folks…

You can hear Johnny O’s whole appearance on WBAL-AM by watching the following video:

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