Choosing between Democrat SA candidates is a lose-lose situation
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 7th February 2022
Trying to choose between these two candidates for State’s Attorney is like trying to decide whether to get hit in the head with a 2×4 or a brick. (Photo Caption: Maryland Daily Record, WBFF)

Back in the days when the show South Park was actually funny (and filled with down-the-middle satire), several episodes spoofed an election between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

This feels like one of those moments.

Democrat voters will have a choice of candidates for Baltimore County State’s Attorney, as attorney Robbie Leonard will run against incumbent Scott Shellenberger in the June primary.

For Leonard, this is a ‘third time’s the charm’ bid for public office; he lost a 2018 state senate race to Republican Sen. Chris West.

For Shellenberger, this is the first primary challenge he’ll face since taking office in 2006.

For voters, it seems like a choice between … well, just see the picture above.

The Baltimore Post has had issues with Scott Shellenberger over the years. Plenty of issues. He’s been ineffective in a lot of ways, and downright disastrous in other ways. We have little to no confidence in him as the county’s top prosecutor.

But Leonard is looking to take things to new lows in our opinion. Here are some stunning revelations from a recent interview with FOX 45 News:

  • He’s more progressive than Shellenberger (and we’ve all seen what the progressives have done to this country)
  • He wants to take a page from Baltimore City’s playbook and stop prosecuting low-level offenses like marijuana possession (and we’ve all seen how well that has worked in ‘Body-more’)
  • He only wants to prosecute sex crimes that involve trafficking rather than the smaller prostitution charges

Folks, that is NOT what this county needs.

Frankly, we’re in a quagmire of lawlessness that requires MORE law and order, not less. We need people to be respectful of the law rather than mindful that there are some crimes that can be gotten away with because the county’s top prosecutor will never bring them to trial.

Will that make Baltimore County safer? Definitely not.

But neither will putting Shellenberger back in his comfy office to pick and choose which cases he can successfully prosecute.

As we said in our main photo caption, would you rather get hit in the head with a 2×4 or a brick?

It seems like that is the choice for Democrats this June when they vote in the primary election.

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