Johnny O begins his re-election year spending spree
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 17th February 2022
Our county executive is going to do everything at his disposal to get re-elected, but his attempts to get voters on his side will cost taxpayers down the line. (Photo Credit: Facebook, FaceInHole)

It’s an election year, folks. If you weren’t aware of that, just follow the trail of money that will lead you right to the county executive’s office.

Our so-called leader, Johnny O, is desperate for your vote. So desperate, in fact, that he’s willing to spend county tax dollars to get you on his side.

At least that is how we see his latest spending folly.

Here was the announcement made on Facebook:

Folks, this news site is published by a Baltimore County retiree, so one would think that we would be writing this article and filing it under ‘good news.’

But just were is Commie Johnny getting the money for the retiree benefit increase? Did Baltimore County suddenly have a massive budget windfall? Did Johnny O get the developer who was given special treatment to pay all those past fees that were waived by a former county employee? Did Johnny O get everyone in his administration to take a pay cut?

No to all of those. The truth is, the retiree increase will be paid by the taxpayers, who already are tired of the Olszewski administration’s drain on their finances.

Rest assured, the increase will be paid one of two ways:

1) Johnny O somehow gets re-elected and then quietly raises taxes to make up the shortfall.

2) Johnny O doesn’t get re-elected (fingers crossed) and lets the next county executive take the blame when taxes need to be raised to pay for the re-election vote buying spending spree.

It’s a win-win situation for Johnny O, and a lose-lose situation for Baltimore County taxpayers.

Do you really want another four years of this garbage, folks? Keep asking yourself that as we get closer to Election Day.

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