Despicable Dutch: Clueless Congressman is a Midnight Moocher
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd September 2017
The President donates $1 million while Dutch begs for a five spot.


For those wish to donate to the hurricane victims of Texas, unlike Dutch, please click on the link below:

Donate to the American Red Cross: Hurricane Harvey

Coming off a congressional vacation, Dutch needs more money before midnight

While the President donates $1 million to the victims of hurricane Harvey, Dutch seeks a handout from his supporters


This is the time when politics should take a backseat to the plight of our fellow Americans–people who have suffered so greatly in this terrible tragedy known as Hurricane Harvey. The sad part is that, for some political leaders, the focus remains on them rather than those who are truly in need.

This column focus on one such incident.

When I received the below message from Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, the first thing I did was check the date of the email. It was dated August 31, 2017. At that point, my stomach started to churn.  My first thought was, “How in the name of the good Lord could one of the richest pols in this state go begging for money after vacationing while the country faced one of the greatest disasters in our nation’s history???”

Granted, that was a long thought, but it was justified.

The arrogance of such solicitation goes well beyond being tasteless, and actually borders on absurdity. In my humble opinion, this goes to show how out of touch our political leaders are regarding the plight of constituents and the American public.

While Hurricane Harvey devastated the fourth largest city in the country, Congress was enjoying its “well deserved” vacation (said very tongue in cheek).

Meanwhile, people were either dying or losing everything they had.

This brings a whole new meaning to the quote, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Before I show you the offensive money grabbing email, let’s review a ludicrous quote from the mooching missive:

“He’ll also fight to ensure tax reform benefits the middle class, not just wealthy corporations.”

Those words ring rather hollow since Maryland is the seventh highest rated state regarding taxation of its citizens.

Judging by that issue alone, Dutch would be better off staying home in his gated community. Isn’t it rather ironic that those opposing borders to protect our citizens are themselves surrounded by walls?


(Warning: This email contains offensive language and viewer discretion is advised)


Folks, it gets worse from there.

Two additional emails from the clueless and crass Congressman Ruppersberger contained the following quote:

“As a former prosecutor, I can tell you from experience that the best way to fight crime is to support local law enforcement professionals. But Arpaio was more concerned with making headlines and breaking the law than enforcing it.”

Pardon me, folks, but am I missing something in Dutch’s words. Apparently the congressmen hasn’t looked at the latest homicide totals for Baltimore City. Yet another blameless, clueless, out of touch comment from the crass congressman.

Speaking of headlines, Dutch, here’s one from The Baltimore Sun that you may not want to allude to regarding your statement about law and order:

Amid record violence, worried Baltimoreans see a city in crisis

I do have one solution for the congressman from Maryland: amid the suffering from Hurricane Harvey, just cut to the chase and speak the truth.


Dutch, how could you be so clueless?
(Note:  In the coming weeks, The Baltimore Post will reveal the true story behind the Seagram’s debacle that reaches as far back as the infamous Yorkway Development.)

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