County council chair continues slinging mud at IG office AFTER he’s caught violating policy
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 27th April 2022
Baltimore County Council Chairman Julian Jones continued his assault on Inspector General Kelly Madigan after she caught him violating county policy. (Photo Credit/Baltimore County Government)

It’s happening again, folks.

A county council member continued to question the methods and tactics of the county’s Office of the Inspector General, but that criticism rang hollow because it came after the IG reported yet another violation of county policy.

This time, Council Chairman Julian Jones was the target of IG Kelly Madigan because of emails sent to constituents that contained a ‘donate’ button.


On the surface, the report from Madigan’s office seemed to classify the matter as an honest mistake. The emails came from a third party marketing service, and Jones was quick to remove the donation button once it was brought to his attention.

The really scary and infuriating part of the story comes from the chairman’s reaction to the investigation:

Some council members, including Jones, have questioned Madigan’s tactics. Jones said he took issue with Madigan reading through months of his emails as part of her investigation.

Let’s get this straight, folks. The county council chairman has a problem with the IG reading his emails. Does that seem fishy to anyone?

Mr. Jones seems to forget that his emails sent through the county are not his personal property. They belong to the government and are subject to review at any time.

To that end, why should he have an issue with the IG reading through those emails considering a clear violation of county policy was discovered.

To quote an old idiom that is adapted from a line by William Shakespeare: Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Funny how the council members have issues with the IG performing her duties when Ms. Madigan catches them (or their cohorts) doing bad things, like moving out of their district or spending county tax dollars without authorization.

This email debacle is mild in comparison, but the indignation from Mr. Jones is a slap in the face to his constituents. Whether he meant to do it or not, his emails clearly violated county policy and deserved to be reviewed in their entirety since they are county property.

Still, we have to wonder if this is really the type of corruption Steve Quisenberry hoped to clean up when he turned his back on his promise to do so from his FBI days to become a Baltimore County employee.

We’re truly curious to see what the IG’s office uncovers next. We’re also wondering how the powers-that-be in Johnny O’s administration, who promised more transparency, will attack IG Madigan for simply doing what she was hired to do.

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