Border crisis continues to kill Americans while so-called leaders do nothing
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 16th June 2022
Mexican drug cartels are taking advantage of the chaotic influx of migrants at the US southern border to smuggle thousands of pounds of deadly fentanyl into the country, experts say. (Photo Credit: Twitter/NY Post)

Folks, we’re growing VERY tired of all the liberal attempts to distract us from what’s really plaguing this country.

Despite the stupidity on display at the January 6 Committee hearings, we know that our nation’s problems are not being caused by people who unlawfully entered the Capitol or former President Donald Trump.

We have a host of issues—inflation, censorship, skyrocketing gas prices—that make January 6, 2021 look like a walk in the park.

But none of those issues scares us as much as the crisis along the southern U.S. border, which is directly causing thee deaths of countless Americans.

Things are getting worse at the border, and the flow of illegal drugs is failing to resonate with the liberal and progressive so-called leadership.

In the classic film The Longest Day about the D-Day invasion, there is a line that truly captures what’s happening at our southern border:


The flow of illegals and narcotics is reaching critical levels, yet the current administration (supposedly led by the person we’ve sworn not to mention on this site anymore) sits idly by doing nothing.

Not everyone in Washington is putting on the rose-colored glasses, though.

Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter: “The cartels are exploiting Biden’s open border and poisoning our country with fentanyl. #BidenBorderCrisis. / Twitter”

The cartels are exploiting Biden’s open border and poisoning our country with fentanyl. #BidenBorderCrisis.

Sadly, Senator Cruz’s political clout is in question these days, so we doubt that his words will have a serious impact.

The following Fox News video goes into more detail on the crisis at the border. To use a variation of our motto, “You watch; you decide.”


But sure, folks. Let’s just keep ignoring that and focusing on the supposed coup attempt that never had a serious chance of doing anything but annoying our elitist politicians whose offices were infiltrated.

It boggles the mind…

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