Pedo Joe’s rub a dub in da tub portrays a troubling figure
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 20th June 2022
Pedo Joe shows just how low he’ll go by giving his own granddaughter a smackeroo right on the lips. Between the inappropriate sniffing, touching, and kissing this pedo has been getting away with, is there no end in sight for this degenerate’s actions? (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Folks, we tried.

We really tried.

We made a promise that the senile old fool in the Oval Office wouldn’t be mentioned in our columns. We were tired of rehashing the same old stuff about how incompetent, senile, demented, and unworthy he’s been as a president.

And, we’re proud to say, we were succeeding. There were plenty of other things to write about.

But now we have to break our promise. We just can’t stay silent anymore about Pedo Joe.

That’s his name now, on this site at least. Trust us when we say he’s earned that title.

You see, folks, Pedo Joe has a thing for acting inappropriately. The lamestream media won’t report it, but we’re not going to sit by silently while he continues his assault on young women and family members.

As shown in our featured image, Pedo Joe had no problem locking lips with his own granddaughter while on the campaign trail.

He certainly has no problem keeping the pedo actions in the family, so to speak, as shown in this photo:

Eww, folks. Just … EWW.

Joe even mentions his daughter in a not-so-nice way in the infamous ‘Corn Pop’ speech that truly cast a disparaging view on Black people. Get ready to see/hear some info about hairy legs, roaches, and kids…

That happened as Pedo Joe was surrounded by young people in bathing suits, which is just disturbing.

Tucker Carlson also discussed Pedo Joe’s antics on Fox Nation. (Publisher’s Note: You’ll have to sign up for the free trial if you’re not a subscriber.)

Fox Nation

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And for those who think this old fart doesn’t have a serious problem, check out this info about his recent tumble off his bicycle … and what actually caused the incident.

Brick Suit on Twitter: “Joe Biden’s bicycle crash happened because he saw a small girl in the crowd. / Twitter”

Joe Biden’s bicycle crash happened because he saw a small girl in the crowd.

Folks, we’re done ignoring this garbage. Plain and simple, PEDO JOE HAS GOT TO GO!

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