Did he or didn’t he? Was Johnny O clueless about his minions giving special treatment to developers?
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 6th July 2022
What’s that, Johnny? Did you say something about the Inspector General, who you tried to handcuff, uncovering one of the worst kept secrets about developers pulling your strings? Of course not. You’ll stay silent about that. (Photo Credit: WBFF)

Folks, we hate to say we told you so, but…

Wait. Actually, we rather enjoy saying we told you so.

Since our early days on another news site, we’ve spoken loudly about how developers hold the strings that control our Baltimore County politicians.

And now another story proving that point has come about, courtesy of Inspector General Kelly Madigan.

As reported by Fox 45 News, Johnny O’s minions were caught red handed giving special favors to prominent developer David Cordish:

IG report finds Baltimore County gave prominent developer David Cordish special treatment

Baltimore County zoning officials gave prominent developer David Cordish preferencial treatment when they approved.

We love this quote from the story:

The report found an email sent by the staff of County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. “implied that the county executive had an interest in ensuring that the project was given priority treatment.”

So let’s follow the bouncing ball and connect the dots, shall we?

The Inspector General, who was targeted by Johnny O and certain members of the county council in an effort to strip away her power to investigate this cesspool of a county, now comes forward with implicit knowledge that the county executive’s staff was making Cordish’s pet project a priority.

And one wonders why Commie Johnny and his council minions were trying to handcuff Madigan. We told you it had nothing to do with business cards.

Our only negative about Madigan’s report is that it doesn’t implicate Johnny O at all. In fact, you could say that the IG report goes out of its way to not cast any blame at the county executive himself.

But let’s not be foolish, folks. Either the staff kissing Cordish where the sun doesn’t shine happened under Johnny O’s nose, which would make him a clueless idiot, or it happened with his full knowledge, which would make him … well … still an idiot (but not a clueless one).

Either way, Commie Johnny once again became Johnny NO (comment) about this latest IG bombshell. In fact, the county executive’s Facebook page had nothing about the IG report. The latest post was nothing more than a shill for volunteers for his campaign:

So, which kind of idiot is Johnny O this time? The clueless kind? Or the ‘completely not clueless and trying to help out the developers who hold his purse strings’ kind?

Either way, we told you so.

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