How Johnny O ‘Trumped’ the FBI
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 10th August 2022
How does one avoid a corruption investigation by the FBI? If you’re a certain county executive, you give a cushy job to the agent who was investigating you. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

Folks, the liberal hypocrisy surrounding the FBI raid of former President Trump’s home in Florida is strong.

The left side of the aisle is doing everything it can to either justify or applaud the dispicable politically motivated debacle. From saying it wasn’t actually a raid (it was) to saying that the judge would have never authorized it unless there was damning evidence (there wasn’t), the liberal spin doctors are working overtime.

The whole mess took our publisher back to a time when a certain FBI agent swore that he was going to clean up Baltimore County.

Hours of interviews and a binder full of evidence later, that FBI agent quietly retired from the bureau … and took a job with the Baltimore County Government.

On the surface, it may have seemed that Steve Quisenberry was going to accomplish his mission on the local front by joining the Office of the Inspector General. But our publisher knows better.

Simply put, The Baltimore Post believes that the move from federal agent to second in command at the OIG was nothing more than Johnny O’s way of ensuring that the federal investigation went off the rails.

Think about it, folks. The county executive whose jurisdiction was to be investigated by the federal agent instead makes a job offer to that agent. The agent goes from investigating the county to working for the county, and goes from questioning the county executive to relying on the county executive to sign his paycheck.

A little too convenient, right?

There are no coincidences in this world. Things happen for a reason. Would Johnny O have offered a cushy job to Steve Q. otherwise?

Neither has ever responded to the Post’s request for comment on the matter. And our publisher believes that is because both are theoretically pleading the fifth.

So, once again—just like Hunter, Hillary, and the rest—the liberal gets off scott free while the conservative is persecuted.

We’ll see how this all plays out in the elections. Pedo Joe and Cackling Kamala vs. Donald and DeSantis sounds like a great matchup to us. Sadly, we don’t believe the Democrat voters of Baltimore County will pull their heads out of a certain oriface long enough to realize that Johnny O has got to go.



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