So you think Fox 45 is conseseratiive? Think again! Actually they are Left-Wing-Nuts!
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd September 2022

Fox 45 has done some good work, and you might think they are conservative. Well, think again.

Actually, they are far-left ideologues who never heard the words illegal immigration.

Judge for yourself as Fox 45 bathed in the Hillary -Basket of Deplorables- shedding a light on Pedo Joe’s love affair with his daughter.

His daughter left the diary in a flop house where the people who found it were charged by the Feds for stealing it.

There is no crime when someone abandons said property, it becomes the treasure of anyone who finds it.

Watch as the Wicked Witch of the Oval Office, Jill the pill, escortes her brain dead and limped sausagued -also known ED- husband, Pedo Joe, to the podium.

After the speech Biden turns around and appears to want to shake hands, only to find nothing but air. Or maybe it was the fart left by Jill to guide Joe to home.


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