This may upset some of those who believe that we’re created in the image of God, including some of those at Fox News
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th September 2022

Jesus in Genesis – Adam to Seth – The Jewish Road

In Genesis, we find the thread of redemption woven through the first few chapters. It is set forth in the form of a story. A family story. It is related in Hebrew as a “Toldot,” which means “These are the generations of…” Put another way, it poses and answers the question “What became of?”

This column may cause some reflection on two issues. The first is this the -good or bad God? The second issue would be that the Bible states that we created in the of likeness God?


Does God intend to punish certain segments of the human race? Food for thought.


tree man – Google Search

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And finally, some real evidence you might find interesting.

God is Imaginary – 50 simple proofs

© Photographer: N joy Neish by Marshall Brain Billions of people attend millions of churches around the world to worship God. Yet the God they worship is completely imaginary. Their belief represents a delusion. It is easy to prove that God is imaginary.



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