Op Ed: McDonough believes doubt and disgust will outpace Johnny O’s dirty dollars in county executive race
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 14th September 2022
Pat McDonough, the Republican challenger for Baltimore County Executive, doesn’t believe the campaign funding gap between him and Johnny O will matter if enough voters are tired of the way the incumbent is leading the county. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

The Baltimore Post received the following column from Pat McDonough, the Republican challenger for Baltimore County Executive:

We spent 90% of our available campaign funds or more in the primary. We held two more events since information regarding our campaign finances was released. We have raised additional funds, and we have four other events scheduled prior to the election. We also are sending direct mail pieces and making phone calls to potential voters.

We do not expect to match Johnny Olszewski dollar for dollar, particularly considering all the campaign funds he has collected from developers and special interest groups. Instead, we are primarily focused on running a grassroots campaign. However, we will have enough funding for radio, social media, and some television advertising.

The campaign has less than 60 days left, and we project that we will spend 90% of our funding in the last 20 days on media advertising to promote our message. We believe our message is a winning message, and we believe Johnny Olszewski is vulnerable.

The bottom line is that, if there is enough hostility and anger against the current administration, it does not matter how much money Johnny Olszewski has; he is going to lose. If there is not enough anger and hostility toward Johnny Olszewski, my campaign could have a million dollars to spend and still not win.

I want to remind everyone the last Democrat County Executive who ran for reelection was Kevin Kamenetz. His opponent was George Harmon, who was totally unknown and had only $10,000 to spend on his campaign. Yet Mr. Harmon received 44% of the vote in that election. Historically, there has been a drop off in vote counts for the re-election of Democrats over the past 30 years.

I believe there will be a drop off against Johnny Olszewski as well. There will also be a huge turnout of “throw the rascals out” and “red tide” voter support.

I believe I will be in the race and pull an upset, regardless of the imbalanced campaign finances between myself and Johnny Olszsewski.

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