Lamestream media tells you who to vote for … OR ELSE
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 20th September 2022
(Photo Credit: Data & Society)

It’s disgusting just how biased most ‘mainstream’ media outlets have become.

Former President Donald Trump had it right when he called them the ‘lamestream media.’

Here in Baltimore, we have several news outlets who throw impartiality to the wind and push the liberal agenda mightily.

Case in point: WBAL-TV, which put out the following tweet.


WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore on Twitter: “Poll reveals which candidate has early lead in governor’s race / Twitter”

Poll reveals which candidate has early lead in governor’s race

On the surface, one thinks that WBAL is just putting out poll results (which are worthless–see Hillary Clinton in 2016). But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that WBAL is steadfastly campaigning for Wes Moore to become the next governor of Maryland.

Here is a horrific candidate profile the liberal loser editorial team at WBAL had the audacity to publish:

2022 Maryland governor – candidate profile: Dan Cox

As part of our Commitment 2022 coverage from 11 News, has the information you need to cast your vote for Maryland governor in 2022.2022 Maryland Voter’s Guide: How to voteBack to the candidates for governorWatch WBAL-TV 11 News for more candidate profiles in the days leading up to the

My my, that is just chock full of liberal garbage. Nothing thinly veiled in that, is there? They smack you upside the head with the notion that a vote for Cox is a vote for everything evil in the liberal world.

It is desperately sad to see such a once-respected news organization publish such biased and partial political nonsense.

It appears that lamestream media sources will stop at nothing to get you to vote ‘the left way.’ And if you don’t, they’ll label you a racist, a terrorist, or worse.

The message they’re sending: vote how we want you to vote or else.

We sincerely hope the voters show in November what they truly think of this media bullying bulls**t.

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