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This is BS!!! Hell, I would have porked every Nun that taught me, but its OK to for the LGBTQ+ to mutilate children for $$$???
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th October 2022

(Publisher’s note: This is my small contribution to journalism. Less of my mouth and more of those who do the heavy lifting.)

So let me get this straight, a school teacher bangs some football player who is about 6-4 and goes 310 with a schlong the size of a football field, and this gorgeous teacher is not this dude’s first sexual encounter.

So with that in mind, the teacher’s life is destroyed while this Football dude goes on to Notre Dame and becomes a priest. Subsequently, he gets busted for porking an alter boy. Ain’t that some shit.

Ohio softball coach pleads guilty after sleeping with student, begged student not to tell

A former Ohio high school teacher’s assistant and softball coach has pleaded guilty to charges related to a sexual relationship with a student she reportedly begged the student not to tell authorities about.

Now before I go on, here is what a nun looks like:

photos of catholic nuns – Google Search

modern vintage medieval roman catholic clothing church cute new anglican 1960’s

They never talk about these males who had no problem being the porker rather than the porkee.


Now what follows is the travesty and who was responsible for this crap.


Some more blood-boiling situations.


Here Tucker dismantles the brain of the State Gov., who starts to grovel.


I love Tucker when he gets these bimbo’s caught up in their BS.


Don’t even ask. A little Fendom is ordered here.


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