Taxpayers Get Fleeced by Proposed Corporate Cronyism Deal
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd September 2017
The tagline should read, “Taxpayer funds are flowing through TPA.” Photo credit:


County Executive Kamenetz and Councilmembers Crandell and Almond sell out taxpayers

There aren’t dollars and sense in this deal, just dollars and waste


The following headline was attached to the Baltimore Sun article dealing with Baltimore County’s effort to secure a $2 million (taxpayer-funded) giveaway to TPA:

Baltimore County support sought for $2M state loan for potential Amazon center at Tradepoint

In reply to the Sun’s article, the Post will pull back the curtain and reveal the behind-the-scenes reality of this latest attempt by politicians to ingratiate corporate cronyism and saddle taxpayers with yet another boondoggle.

TPA is already receiving millions in taxpayer-funded loans for materials and infrastructure upgrades. Now TPA is asking even for more tax credits that will bring the price tag well above hundreds million of dollars.

Let’s take a moment and look at two recent Post articles involving TPA. The first one deals the pols’ deceitful propaganda.

The same theme is raised again in this article.

Now let’s expose the reality behind our elected officials’ attempts to fund the wealthy corporates with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Councilman Todd Crandell’s role in this began early with his resolution that prohibited any community input from TPA matters.  It’s important that you read the article the Post published on this issue. You will see Crandell’s deliberate attempt to keep the public out of the purview of TPA’s dealings.

We believe the motive behind the Councilman’s deception is revealed in this latest attempt at more capital cronyism at the expense of the taxpayers.

Today we focus on the latest scam: propping up some of the richest and most powerful companies behind TPA.

The bottom line to this egregious attempt to mislead the public can be found in this living wage formula.

When it comes to TPA, just what jobs are at stake and what is the pay scale for the majority of those jobs?

There is no secret that the majority of jobs at Amazon’s proposed TPA location will be in the logistical area of packaging products for shipment. Here are the wages Mr. Crandell, councilwoman (and county executive candidate) Vicki Almond, and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz are touting:

Fulfillment Associate

681 salaries

626 salaries
449 salaries


(Note:  The above are listed under Amazon’s $30K salary range.)

Also consider that even if Amazon offers benefits even with the industry standard, the total salary will only rise by an additional $9,000.

Yes, there are many other higher-paying jobs at Amazon, but those are far fewer in number. Let’s take a closer look at how these wages compare to what a family needs to survive.

For one adult, before taxes, the Amazon positions will pay roughly $26,648.  Even with the additional $9,000 in benefits, the salary falls well below a living wage needed for one adult and one child, which is $57,582.

If you think that the Post is out of line pointing this out, take a look at what Time Magazine writes about this type of corporate style cronyism and its impact on our tax dollars.

The consequences of TPA’s continued government subsidies reaches far beyond the monetary issues. Also consider the impact of major logistical ports and their devastating applications to surrounding communities, which include truck traffic, infrastructure issues, potential government subsidies for low-wage workers, and a host of other related problems.

All in an effort to make some of the richest companies in the country even more richer by handing out American taxpayer dollars like they grow on trees.

Let’s see if we hear from any of our local politicians on this matter. After all, they oversee the huge amount of taxes we pay. However, in our opinion, their leadership in these cases is sorely lacking.

The real travesty is that what’s taking place is all for the sake of power, money, and greed.

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