A “Liberal” Dose of Justice?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

October 29, 2015 1:01 pm ET

Judge’s unjust decision adds insult to injury

Source: A “Liberal” Dose of Justice?

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Warning: Not Suitable Reading for Liberals

(You may want to send the children out of the room for this one, folks.)

You have been forewarned that this blog is not suitable for anyone who repeats the famous words, “Ze plane, ze plane.” You see, “Fantasy Island” has been off the air since the early 1980s, so that world is long gone.

Well, not exactly, I suppose. Each time “ze plane” flew into the land of OZ (so to speak), common sense took a backseat and visions of grandeur would engulf the plot, so much so that by the end of the episode, everything was A-OK.

Sadly, in real life, that is not reality. In fact, those who live in the real world are often faced with complex and dangerous situations brought about by those whose idealistic goals often result in disastrous results. History has proven this time and again.

Now, so everyone can understand, let’s define the “left side of the coin” to help set the tone for the Zen crowd.


Looking back on my last blog about the vicious beating and robbery of a defenseless senior citizen by a gang of black teens from a troubled city school, and the filming of that beating, I still shake my head. Despite all of that information, we have a liberal judge who somehow decides that the nature of the crime is not severe enough to justify those arrested to be tried as adults. This judge, Judith C. Ensor, remanded three of those who actually participated in the beating of the victim and back to pre-kindergarten juvenile court.

This was, as the headline states, a “liberal” dose of justice.

To define such an act, let’s take a look at the word liberalso we get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Read it and weep or rejoice unless you are a crime victim.


a : marked by generosity : openhanded <a liberal giver>

b : given or provided in a generous and openhanded way <a liberal meal>

c : ample, full

I like definition C—AMPLE, FULL—and, no, I won’t say it … even though I’m thinking it.

Unless you are a crime victim, you might want to read this account of a mother who killed her child and how justice was (or was not) served. Keep a bucket close by.


Now, I defy anyone to tell me that justice was served there.

This is the true state of our justice system in black and white.


Let’s get back to Judge Ensor. I know the judge won’t come out from under behind her desk—or possibly her chambers sealed with iron doors, at least until this Saturday—to ponder this question. How in the name of common sense can you send three (and possibly more of those charged in this brutal crime) back to a court you know darn well will do nothing in the way of administering justice?

Did you not see the victim’s injuries or have enough sense to comprehend the life impact on Mr. Richard Fletcher? Did you not see the feeding frenzy as someone filmed this brutal attack? Did you not look at the history of this gang of thugs that has terrorized a neighborhood for years?

After writing the first blog on this travesty, Mr. Fletcher wrote me and said, “Thanks for taking up for me.” I felt honored.

Did you not think of the message this sends to the rest of the criminal community, especially in today’s left-wing liberal insanity? Is a writer the only one left to see that justice is served?

The prosecuting attorney, who did not want to be named, did not object to one of the suspects being remanded back to kiddy town, because that suspect only robbed the victim’s pockets.

Where is the objection? The outrage? The fight? Where is the boss, Mr. Shellenberger, in all of this? This is not a shoplifting case. This is not an isolated incident in this neighborhood. These problems have been festering for years.

In my final gag thought on this cluster, what I see is a weak State’s Attorney who should have been in the heat of battle fighting for the victim and the community.

If you’re not going to enforce the laws in the current climate of government (i.e., the case involving the county sheriff and the illegal eviction/burglary), then at least fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Otherwise, take a powder (I’m sure you get my drift) and take Judge Ensor with you.

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