A “Slick” Situation
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

September 11, 2016 7:39 pm ET

Oil leak may provide lube for more tax dollars to go out the window

Source: A “Slick” Situation

Photo credit/Patch.com: Karen Cruz, President of ESCA

Finally the details on the oil leak from underground tanks stored at the Government Center have been released by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), in relation to the story that broke in this column:


At the Eastfield-Stanbrook Civic Association (ESCA), President Karen Cruz invited representatives from the MDE to address this important topic.

Also in attendance were political leaders Delegate Bob Long and Delegate Robin Grammer, as well as local community leaders from Fort Howard and the Harbor View Neighborhood Association.

Representing the MDE were Andrew Miller, Remediation Division Chief for the Oil Control Program, and Christopher Ralston, Program Administrator of the Oil Control Program.

Mrs. Cruz briskly introduced the main speakers—probably since the school, Grange Elementary, was not air conditioned.

Trust me when I say that the stifling heat was as hot as the topic of conversation.

(On a side note, I can’t imagine anyone being exposed to that kind of heat for hours on end, but I’ll digress from anything further on that topic.)

Now yours truly took video of the presentation and, rather than make it one long clip, I’ve broken it up into four sections with an introduction on what the video contains.

But before we get to the video, there is one important item I need to present to the readers—our Councilman, Todd Crandell, failed to show at the meeting, which regarded the most serious situation to impact the community since the closing of the GC.

Just to refresh your memory, here is a clip of what Mr. Crandell promised the voters in his bid for office; including his opening Freudian slip. Here is the video clip from DundalkTV:


Did I mention his office failed to return numerous phone calls from constituents? How do I know that? Because I was one of those constituents.

Now let’s take a look at the video that I shot for some answers.

In the first part, as shown in the link below, the two guest speakers from MDE told the tale of the (drip, drip) news.

Sorry, I was thinking of another news story about a similar “drip.”

On that note, the point is that Councilman Crandell continues to ignore the community by not responding to the constituents he swore an oath to serve—especially his pledge to the Dundalk United group, which he promised to support.

With that said, the first video (linked below) lays out a timeline by the MDE from the time the agency was aware of the situation until its findings, which are awaiting an official and final report:


As stated, that video goes over the time line and how the MDE responded. It’s an interesting response.

My summary: The County messed up.

Part two of the video is more of the same information, including a statement from MDE that the county tank was not in compliance.

Additionally, the second clip goes into some tough questions from community members, as well as Delegate Grammer.


Speaking of this issue, the county dropped the ball a long time ago, according to this article in the Sun:


In fact, the EPA called for a $28,968 penalty and upgrade as far back as February of 2008.

Not good for this current issue, as it appears that the county dropped the ball for 8 years.

Now the third video clip deals with a comment by Delegate Bob Long. Judge for yourself about what he is referring:


And finally, we have the fourth and final installment, in which I get to answer some questions; again, feel free and judge for yourself regarding the answers I received.


In summarizing the MDE report, Baltimore County is liable for any damage to the community, and we all are awaiting the official report on that.

Lastly, here are a couple of notes I was asked to pass along.

One community activist commended Delegate Grammer with his help in trying to get to the bottom of this gooey mess. In addition to this, the same activist believes the County and other governmental officials owe the community an apology.

Let’s just hope that this one is minus any greasy stuff…

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