A Tangled Web(site)?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

August 19, 2014 6:20 pm ET

DiCara revises campaign website, but refuses to take responsibility for “mistake”

Source: A Tangled Web(site)?

There’s an old saying that begins, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”
How fitting that the Internet is known as the “World Wide Web,” especially when you consider all of the half-truths and no-truths that are found online.
However, some people should be held to a higher standard for putting information on a website, particularly those who are trying to get into political office.
Case in point: Joe DiCara, Democratic winner of the primary who will face Republican Todd Crandall in this fall’s general election. I mentioned in my last blog that Mr. DiCara’s website claimed that he holds a Master’s Degree from the U of B, which he does not.
Apparently, after my blog surfaced, the website was changed. The site now displays the following wording: “Guest Lecturer Masters [sic] Program at the University of Baltimore”.
(If you want to view the changes, go to this link, which will take you right to the downloads section of my website. From there, select page 4.)
So, it would appear that a wrong has been righted.
This whole issue is becoming more problematic for the Democratic hopeful, simply because of his failure to accept responsibility for the faux pas.
In speaking to an east side democratic club the other night, Mr. DiCara stated that he had not seen the website, and that the site was designed by someone else.
This is a stretch, folks, because the buck stops at the keyboard of Mr. DiCara. Simply put, due to the numerous campaign laws that exist, a candidate has to accept full responsibility for any public materials that are produced by the campaign. We’ve all heard the message, “I’m Joe Politician, and I approve this message.”
Which means that the site, no matter who designed it, was supposed to have been approved by Mr. DiCara. And that means that he either:
a) Approved the site without reading the content.
b) Approved the site knowing that the information was false, but hoping that nobody else would notice.
c) Let the site get published without his approval.
Take your pick—all three options are bad.
To me, failure to assume responsibility for such actions or indiscretions speaks to the core of Mr. DiCara’s leadership abilities. After all, the oath of office clearly starts off with, “I solemnly swear to…”
Swearing an oath does not make you a truthful person.
Now, for anyone who believes that I am picking on Mr. DiCara, let me put you at ease. Yes, I pointed out several of his foibles. However, I continue to research various candidates regarding numerous issues, and I will write about any candidate who strays from the straight and narrow.
In other words, if you screw up, I will let everyone know about it.
By the way, I spoke to Mr. Crandall and asked him some very probing questions regarding his background. Suffice to say that when it reached a level of equivalent to me feeling like “Father Buzz in the confessional,” I said enough and ended that line of questioning.
Perhaps I told him to say three Hail Mary’s and be done with it. I can’t remember.
Let me just state that I don’t write about personal issues when it comes to candidates. This isn’t a tabloid, and I don’t cover tummy tucks, face lifts, or Botox injections. Rather, I look at issues that involve—as a voice from the past would bellow—“Truth, justice, and the American way!”
It is important for us to vet these candidates in order to make the right decision, particularly when you consider how low our voter turnout has been as of late. Our recent primary should serve as an embarrassment to everyone who failed to do their civic duty.
Yes, we all have a duty, and it isn’t doesn’t matter who you are and what your standard of living is. Nothing should stop you from voting, period. A lot of good men and women gave their lives to ensure that we have the freedom to vote. Not voting dishonors them, which should be a criminal act.
If I had my way, the law would be, “If you don’t vote, you don’t eat.”
There is more to come on other political candidates who don’t measure up, so stayed tuned. I’ve got plenty to write about, folks. For one, there’s Countygate part two, and that will be a good subject involving more intrigue than NBC’s nightly lineup can garnish.
On top of that (or under it, if you prefer) is a look at Jake Mohorovic and his faux pas. And to think that I supported this man!
I guess you can’t win them all.
Behind that one is the concern of a community activist who leaves myself and others scratching their heads over his agenda, if you could call it an agenda.
Like I said, plenty of subject matter. I’ll write, you read, and you decide.

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