A Thread of Dread about the Office of Fred
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

August 4, 2016 10:18 am ET

County stuck in an endless loop of taxpayer lo$$es

Source: A Thread of Dread about the Office of Fred

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It seems like every time I turn around I keep repeating myself (repeating myself) on the various issues I cover in this column.

Take for example this post:


Aside from that particular piece of wisdom, I have written about the phrase coined by well-known journalist Bryan Sears, who referred to Baltimore County Administrative Officer Fred Homan as the “Office of Fred” in the many articles surrounding his less than stellar decision making process.

And, for those keeping score at home, the Office of Fred has cost the taxpayers of Baltimore County tens of millions of dollars.

Here is another classic example of why Homan should, as the song goes, “hit the road Jack.”

Though Fred is not the only one who needs to get lost. Let us not forget Mr. Kamenetz’s dream, and our nightmare, of being (God forbid) governor of the State of Maryland.

That will keep some folks awake at night for sure, but I digress … for now.

Let me quickly lay some ground work on this issue before unveiling the latest boondoggle in the Government Gone Wild saga.

After you read the information found through the following link, you may begin to understand why the decision that Kamenetz—and the County Council—made to reappoint Homan to another four-year term is so devastating.


Once again, The Baltimore Sun is left in the dark, which for me is perplexing since the paper has covered these articles in the past.


I use the word perplexing because $400,000 is not chump change, especially when it is over and above the estimated tens of millions already paid out of our wallets, not to mention the many more cases that are pending.

However, yet again, the Sun is speechless—or, in the correct vernacular, wordless.

A press release issued by the law firm FJ Collins announced a $400,000 verdict against Baltimore County for yet another case of the Office of Fred violating the ADA.

You can read the details here:


I question when this insanity is going to stop. This latest verdict was predictable based on Mr. Homan’s previous conduct and his choke hold on county government.

And therein lies the downfall of any real chance of Mr. Kamenetz becoming a real candidate for governor.

I predict he will become another Martin O’Malley, who had plenty of grandiose visions of occupying the White House as a left-wing liberal but was left looking somewhat foolish on the national platform with a silly grin and a delivery to match.

No one bought his far left visions, where he became a real member of the 1% club on the losing end of that equation.

If Mr. Kamenetz can’t or won’t reign in his inept and out-of-control administrator, who continues to spit in the eye of the federal government while paying out millions in damages (using taxpayer money), then how in the name of common sense can Kamenetz lay claim to having the management skills to run the state.

Did I mention there are a ton of cases lined up behind this latest one brought to a costly close by Homan and his actions?

I should note that the court ruled in favor of former county attorney Virginia Barnhart, who may represent county employees as this link illustrates. There goes more of our $$$ out the window.


The word on the street is that Homan actually runs the county—right into the ground.

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