An Apology to Councilman Kach
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

October 1, 2015 1:48 pm ET

Blog post contained incorrect information

Source: An Apology to Councilman Kach

Councilman Wade Kach

In my youth, a person was judged by the rule of morality and accountability set forth by one’s parents. That same scenario was a common practice in during my years of formal education. The nuns at my school “ruled by ruler” (or a 2×4, depending on the severity) to keep one on the straight and narrow. Deviating from that path involved in whack or detention.

Personally, I preferred the whack. Generally, it was only slightly painful and was handled quickly, while detention deprived me of the freedom to engage in more silliness as youngsters generally do as a ritual of maturing.

With all of that said, let me cut to the chase…

Mea culpa to Councilman Wade Kach for my error—my first one ever.

Though that is number two if you believe the first.

In a blog I posted on 9/29/2015 titled Follow the Slithering Trail, I wrote the following:

“Judges Meryl W. Rosen and Jane M. Hanley were both appointed on 10/6/2014 under the terms of council members Vicki Almond and Wade Kach.”

Councilman Kach’s office contacted me with the following accurate account, which corrected what I said. It read as follows:

“Councilman Wade Kach was not in office until December 1, 2014. Jane Hanley was appointed to the Board of Appeals by Mr. Kach’s predecessor, Councilman Todd Huff.”

I do want to thank the Councilman’s office for using the ruler and not the 2×4.

As a final thought, please remember that nobody is perfect; however, it is incumbent for one to write the truth and—on those occasions when one makes a mistake—own up to it and set the record straight.

That is what I have done today. Mistake owned, record straightened, and lesson learned.

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