Another BCPS parent voices their concerns
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd January 2017

November 22, 2016 7:20 pm ET

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Source: Another BCPS parent voices their concerns

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More Ethical Concerns Raised Over Dr. Dance….

It seems we’ve been here before. That we’ve been down this road of ethical violations with the Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, Dr. Dallas Dance. Some might call this déjà vu; others might call it not learning the first time. And a third option might be, that it is really a combination of the two.

The public might remember that just a couple of years ago, Dr. Dance was handed an ethics violation for failing to disclose that he was working as a consultant and master teacher for SUPES Academy, a Chicago-area superintendent and principal training company who, with the help of former Chicago Public Schools’ CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, secured contracts with several school systems across the country (like ours), while hiring superintendents to do the training (like ours). All of this occurred while doling out a nice percentage of each sale to Ms. Bennett. As a result, SUPES Academy has been under federal investigation ever since, and has so far produced three federal convictions, the sentencing for which to come this spring.

Fast forward to today, and we have found ourselves with a new pair of ethics violations. But, strangely, with ties to the past.

Over the last week, WBAL, The Towson Flyer, Fox 45, The Baltimore Sun and even the L.A. Times, who cross-posted Liz Bowie’s story, have come forth with findings, that after a six month investigation, it was revealed that Dr. Dance is, indeed, noncompliant with the ethics codes of his employment. In early May of 2016, William Groth III composed and filed by proxy the ethics complaint against Dr. Dance. An independent Ethics Panel has now found the following:

– That the superintendent failed to report and/or disclose his outside employment as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Richmond on his financial disclosure statements.

– That the superintendent failed to report and/or disclose various business related activities on his financial disclosure statement.

You can read the findings here.

Yet, it gets even stranger.

Until this latest ethics violation news, it was a little known fact that Dr. Dance even had an LLC called Deliberate Excellence Consulting, LLC , which was formed on August 28, 2012 (Company No.: W14868442). According to the Articles of Organization document, Deliberate Excellence Consulting, LLC was formed “to consult and partner with school systems, businesses and organizations around best practices to obtain maximum organizational outcomes.”

Look here: ( and search for “Deliberate Excellence”.

Despite this, Dr. Dance told the Baltimore Sun that he set the LLC up so that the “University of Richmond could pay the LLC rather than him directly, but it never ended up being used for that purpose”.

This raises even more questions.

But, where the past and the present seem to intersect – in what some might experience as déjà vu – is that, according to public records, and while four months into the first ethics investigation in March of 2014, when Dr. Dance was in the midst of being investigated for the SUPES Academy issue, there was an expedited change request to the name of the “resident agent” for Deliberate Excellence Consulting, LLC. This request was finalized on May 11, 2014, at which time Shaun Dallas Dance, Ph.D. of Pikesville, Md. resigned as resident agent and when Roy Rogers Dance of Towson, Md. was appointed. The Pikesville address, however, is still currently listed in public records as receiving mail associated with the LLC. Roy R. Dance continues to be listed as the resident agent and principal for this LLC in Towson, which coincidentally was the original address assigned to the LLC when formed by Shaun Dallas Dance Ph.D. in 2012.

On June 11, 2014, seven months into the SUPES Academy ethics investigation, tax forms were filed for Deliberate Excellence Consulting, LLC after a two-month extension. One day later, the conclusion of the ethics complaint was revealed when news broke that Dr. Dance was found to have been in violation of his contract, related to the SUPES Academy debacle: http://articles.baltimoresun.c…

And here we are now.

Call it déjà vu. Call it history repeating itself. Call it interesting. But whatever you call it, do not call it a coincidence. These issues bring up even more questions – they do not solve them. These are questions that the public, the media and, most importantly, the Board of Education should be asking.

When we hold our children, their teachers and their principals accountable for their behavior and choices, and allow the head of our school system the luxury of choosing his very own meaningless consequences while – twice now – violating the rules, what precedent does this set for our school system?

And how will this history dictate our future with Dr. Dance?

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