Another Staab at Kamenetz
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 15, 2015 9:08 pm ET

History shows many leaders are clueless. I don’t think the minus zeros in $ will cool any of any of our classrooms in this warped deal

Source: Another Staab at Kamenetz

Judging by the Staab wounds inflicted upon Mr. Kamenetz, this GC (Government Center) fiasco is a bloody mess.

It boggles the mind to think the whole basis for this rather lame idea was to sell the GC in order to pay for air condition for our schools.

In that respect, according to the county’s plans their concept is skewed because the minus sign is not the temperature inside the school but rather the dollars lost in this crazy deal to sell the GC and move the police station to the old Eastwood School at a finical loss.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mr. Kamenetz is clueless in more ways than one. Did I mention his math is atrocious?

The thrust of these Staab’s at Mr. Kamenetz are strictly in the hands of said stabber, or published as written.


An Open Letter To Kevin Kamenetz – 2-13-15

According to sources, you intend to break ground this Spring, 2015 on a 24,000 sq. ft. community center at North Point to replace the current 91,000 sq. ft.

North Point Government Center building. We’ve heard you believe that “all the recreation people are happy.” I have difficulty understanding where you get your so called “facts.” You have stated that 1/3 third of the community is in favor of selling PUBLIC PARKLAND for this proposed private commercial redevelopment project,

1/3 opposed, and 1/3 of the residents just don’t care. Not according to my “facts!” We have thousands of signatures from Dundalk, Baltimore County residents opposed to the sale of North Point. There has also been an overwhelming resistance from the surrounding community, residents who have stated their opposition to the sale of this public parkland.“BALTIMORE COUNTY TAXPAYERS DO NOT WANT THEIR PARK SOLD!”


The “recreation people” are NOT happy because the park belongs to everyone. The Community has never seen plans for the proposed building, and the project

takes away valuable open space in Eastfield-Stanbrook. Only a few handpicked volunteers have been privy to the County planning process. The meetings have been private. The result of their efforts include a very adequate wrestling area, an undersized soccer arena, and a considerably inadequate auditorium for The Sky is the Limit theater group, Sweet Adelines and the world renowned Chorus of the Chesapeake.

The Community has been left out of the picture by Baltimore County!

This would also be a precedent setter. If a Baltimore County PARK can be sold for commercial redevelopment, then which park would be sold off next? It could be YOUR park!

Bob Staab (former Director of Recs and Parks and past State Delegate)

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