Another voice steps to the forefront in the Government Center debate
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

April 8, 2014 1:14 am ET

The community will have its say this Thursday April 10th with the developers and attorneys that represent them

Source: Another voice steps to the forefront in the Government Center debate

Myia Biggs is a Dundalk realtor and one the first candidates to enter the Baltimore County Council race in the 7th District.

After careful reflection Ms. Biggs decided to withdraw from the race.

She maintains her role as a community activist.

I received this e-mail from Ms. Biggs and it is published as written.


Baltimore County, The Hunger Games

Do you ever feel like living in Baltimore County is like living in Panem from the Hunger Games, but instead of there being 13 districts there are only 7.  Out of the 7 Baltimore County Districts, Dundalk “District 7” is much like Katniss Everdeen’s district 12.  Dundalk “has the distinction of being one of the poorest districts, if not the outright poorest”. Dundalk is the laughing stock of Baltimore County; much like Katniss’ district is to Panem.  However, we are not a poor coalmining town, but a poor, jobless steel town!

Our Districts are controlled by County Executive Kevin Kamenetz whose character is tyrannical and manipulative and he has “no qualms about using intimidation in pursuit of his own agenda” much like that of President Coriolanus Snow.  However, Mr. Kamenetz doesn’t kill our children he only takes away and sells their public parks and sources of recreation to private investors!

The County Administration sold the North Point Government Center for 2.1 million dollars, the property appraised for 8.75 million. In additional, the County Administration closed one of its smallest magnet elementary schools, Eastwood Elementary School.  The school is planned to house the police department.  The police department was formally housed at the NPGC.  This renovation and move is estimated at 5 plus million dollars.

This estimate does not include the cost of lost jobs for the Principal and staff from Eastwood nor does it provide the cost to bus children to a new school location.  Any way you look at this there is a minimum of a 2.9 million dollar deficit.  This also does not include the loss of land, athletic space for indoor and outdoor sports, theater space, July 4th fireworks display and much more.

This sale affects every resident of Dundalk and every Baltimore County tax payer.  This can happen in your backyard too.  It is time to help us take a stand!

If you feel this way please join me Thursday at 5:30pm at the “new” Dundalk High School Auditorium to learn what Mr. Kamenetz plans to allow the new owners of the NPGC to do with what was once OUR park!

Please share this with every Baltimore County resident and/or tax payer; you are all affected by this sale!  Also, don’t think this can’t happen in your Community.  Keep this in mind for the 2014 Elections.


Myia Biggs

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