Are BLM protesters missing, or just ignoring, the bigger picture?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd June 2020
Protesters toppled the Washington Monument in DC. The flames you see come from a burning American flag.

To say the atmosphere in this country is tense would be an understatement.

We jumped directly from COVID-19 (which still isn’t gone, by the way) to the massive protests–both peaceful and not at all peaceful–stemming from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

And to listen to the protesters, the only people who don’t value Black lives are police departments and ‘people not of color.’

But is that really the reality in our country? The answer is a resounding NO.

Take, for instance, this story about a recent senseless murder in Baltimore:

A dose of vitamin T (truth) from the Sun

Are the BLM protesters marching for this young Black woman, her daughter, and her unborn child? They aren’t, and we can’t understand why.

This was a brutal and heinous crime against a member of the Black community. The Baltimore Sun’s coverage points out that this was not an isolated occurrence in Baltimore.

Let’s take that one step further and look at another city suffering from similar issues–Chicago. Recently, that city set a record for the number of shootings and homicides involving Black people.

Where is the outrage from BLM? Did the world stop turning after the death of George Floyd?

And there are plenty more issues around the country that are, for the most part, being downplayed or downright ignored.

The following report was followed by ABC News in New York. Remember that ABC is considered a ‘liberal network,’ which is apparent from the reporter’s tone.



Folks, when you have mob rule, law and order disintegrates, which leads to anarchy.

But that anarchy seems to be preferred by the left side of the political fence. After all, the worse things seem, the more people will vote for a change in leadership, which the Democrats need considering their choice in a presidential candidate.

The Baltimore Post will continue to connect the dots regarding the Democratic Party’s agenda and the Black Lives Matter movement.


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