Backroom Emails Provide Answers that TPA Exec Refuses to Give
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th November 2017
A famous line from the movie All the President’s Men — “They’re all involved.” From left, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, and Councilman Todd Crandell.


Before we get to the newest release of emails obtained exclusively by The Baltimore Post, there were some interesting developments at the public hearings involving new proposed transit routes between downtown Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital.

During a break in the meeting, the Post approached Mr. Aaron Tomarchio, VP of Corporate affairs at TPA, who declined to speak with us because, in his opinion, we are “liars.”  The Post responded by asking Mr. Tomarchio to point out anything that we published that is untrue or, as he termed it, a “lie.”

Mr. Tomarchio did not respond to the question.

He was then asked to provide information TPA’s statement that the lease was signed by UA on November 1, 2017. Mr. Tomarchio responded that the lease was signed, but he did not provide any additional information. He also claimed that the UA building was, in fact, built by TPA. When questioned further on that issue, he declined to make any further statement.  When asked if TPA could provide a copy of the signed lease, Mr. Tamachrio also declined.

More on that issue later.

The Post pointed out that the name of the builder on the UA building is listed as FCL Builders.   The Post also contacted Baltimore County, and we were advised that, without a specific street address, the name of the builder could not be established. County officials noted the construction of the FedEx complex, but they were unable to find reference to the UA building.

Again, more on that later.

The Baltimore Post challenges anyone from TPA to show they are bringing living wage jobs to the area. For those that discredit our work they might want to read this recent article published in The Huffington Post.

Now, for your reading pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be), here are more emails from “behind closed doors” from our backroom political dealings:



Todd Crandell

From:                                                        Aaron Tonnarchio <>

Sent:                                                       Tuesday, January 31, 2017 12:20 PM

To:                                              Todd Crandell; Doug Anderson

Subject:                                      Tradepoint Atlantic – Legislative Information


I hope all is going well. Wanted to follow up on the legislative priorities that we discussed with you earlier in the year. Hoping to share with you two priority bills that we are working during this legislative session and why they are important to our project.

We noted a significant issue in the development process as we began to submit plans for the development of the site. In specific we noted an inconsistency in the sediment control plan reviews and the actual real world nature of our unique site. This disconnect caused significant delay which caused us to seek a remedy that would help streamline the development process. We are finding sediment control plan review and approvals from the local Soil Conservation District to be most problematic. The bill we introduced below seeks to streamline the process by having MDE approve and review sediment control plans in place of the Soil Conservation District (SCD). SCD receives its technical guidance from MDE, so it seemed only natural to keep the review at the source. In addition, the Sparrows Point property is in the MD’s Voluntary Clean Up Program which is closely regulated by MDE. VCP sites often have complicating factors that need to be taken into consideration when conducting plan reviews. So, it just made sense to keep this initial review and plan approval in house. The rest of the permitting and inspections as with any other development project will be done by Baltimore County. The sediment control bill that we asked to be introduced has been cross-filed in the Senate and House chambers. This bill will rest sediment control plans and approvals for “large redevelopment sites” with MDE instead of the Soil Conservation District. MDE is intimately familiar with the complexities of the site and better equipped to review and recommend sediment control techniques better suited to site conditions. Both HB557 & SB440 have been given hearing dates. Below are the links to the bill summary pages. MDE helped us draft the bill, however we are working the administration to ensure that MDE will be given approval to testify in support of the bill.

HB557 Environment Water Management Sediment Control at Large Redevelopment Sites ovvt

http://mealeg.maryland.  gejg jam a  frmMain.aspx?pid=billpage&tab=subiect3&id=hb05578kstab=01&ys-2017RS

SB440 Environment Water Management Sediment Control at Large Redevelopment Sites http://ing,  5-20176

Another priority involves the elimination of the toll at the Broening Highway Loop Road. This is an issue that has been studied by Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Port to Point Workgroup (P2P) in an effort to ensure greater connectivity within the Port of Baltimore. Currently the toll at the Broening Highway loop road and 1-695 acts as a deterrent to port traffic seeking access to the 1-695 outer loop. Vehicles are charged a toll even though they do not cross the Key Bridge. Instead, trucks choose routes through the Dundalk community to avoid the toll. We are seeking to remedy this issue. The Broening Highway “Tolling Bill” (HB290) has been filed in the House by Del. Robin Grammer with 38 co­sponsors and given a hearing date. The Senate cross-file was “dropped” by Senator Sailing this morning with 24 co-Sponsors. This bill will prohibit MdTA from charging a toll at the Broening Highway loop road commonly used by trucks traveling from Dundalk/Seagirt terminals to TPA. Below is a link to the bill summary page for the House bill. I will send a link to the Senate version once it is online.

HB290 Maryland Transportation Authority Vehicles Not Using Bridge Toll Prohibition



We are still waiting for the Governor’s manufacturing bill to be introduced so we can begin to offer potential amendments that would include TPA. We are also closely tracking the Governor’s budget while working with the Governor’s Chief of Staff to secure funding for MTA to provide bus service to TPA.

Happy to discuss these initiatives with you further, and we welcome any supportive testimony you could provide. Thanks!

Regards, Aaron

Aaron Tomarchio



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

T 410.709.1289 C 443.299.9803


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