Baltimore County Council irresponsibly attempts ‘power grab’ during COVID-19 crisis
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 13th April 2020
During a national emergency, these clueless politicians are more worried about some superfluous BS. (Photo Credit: Baltimore County Council)

The Baltimore Post received numerous phone calls from community leaders regarding the County Council’s attempt to move forward on pending legislation without allowing sufficient public input.

Folks, we firmly believe the public needs to weigh in fully on these ‘power grabs’. 

All of the calls we received dealt with pending legislation regarding the “Board of Appeals – Rules of Practice and Procedure.”

Click the image above to access the full version of proposed Bill No. 20-20.


If you closely examine the verbiage at the beginning of the bill, you will see the overt changes that will diminish the citizens’ right to properly vet these legislative changes, which could impact our county for decades to come.

Baltimore County is facing an unprecedented budget crisis as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Post strongly believes that this bill represents a most egregious and irresponsible act by our elected officials.

These are the people that have been entrusted with the safety and welfare of our citizens and our economy. They should act like it rather than act like they are above all of us taxpayers.

Worst of all, the council expects people to jump through hoops to join the special legislative session.

Click the image above to access the public notice about joining the special legislative session.


Do our elected officials really believe that the constituent voices will be heard adequately through a virtual meeting when, as the Post has shown in a previous article, many people can’t access such resources?

The Post called the County Council phone number to inquire about the bill and special session. We got a recording that stated all calls will be monitored and asked us to leave a message.

We will be sure to let you know when (or if) someone returns our call.

If anyone thinks that his/her voice will be heard by the council, we strongly suggest you call the Baltimore County Coronavirus Hotline after normal business hours. You will hear the same recording we heard asking you to leave a message.

If the Council wants to conduct such clandestine meetings, they at least should have the courage to show up in person to vote, wearing masks and staying six feet apart.

At least the members of Congress had the guts to do so.

If the Council continues to exhibit unconscionable and irresponsible behavior during a national emergency, then we as constituents should respond to this lack of leadership by doing the following:

The stench from this swamp is caused by unprecedented power grabs from corrupt politicians.




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