Baltimore County Health Department Comes Clean on Bedbug Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 31st January 2018
Health Department comes clean with bedbug complaints, but are they still holding back information?


Recently, The Baltimore Post reported on a potential bedbug issue at Patapsco HS.

Notice that, in our original article, the reply from Baltimore County Health Department was as follows:

In an effort to further clarify the seriousness of this issue, The Baltimore Post contacted the Baltimore County Health Department on December 6. At that time, a spokesperson stated that the health department was not responsible for such matters until the Post brought up the issue of cafeteria and food service. Prior to that question the county health department was unaware of any situation involving potential bedbugs at any BCPS facility.

In response to our first interview with a spokesperson from the Baltimore County Health Department, the Post decided to reach out via telephone to a higher ranking authority within the health department. That person stated that there were no reports of any incident involving bedbugs at the high school.

We then asked the supervisor, if that was the case, then why did the BCHD respond to Patapsco HS for an inspection after we brought the matter to their attention? The Post then offered the supervisor the opportunity to read our article, which directly contradicted the supervisor’s statement. We also advised the supervisor to look at the video at the end of our article in order to gain insight into the destructive nature of these insidious pest.

After alerting the second spokesperson of our information, the Post received this email from BCHD:

We received 2 complaints about the issue. They were referred to the integrated pest management company that is contracted with BCPS. They performed an inspection on January 11 and found no evidence of live or dead bugs and no signs of infestation.

The Post then asked for additional information regarding other BCPS schools that have reported bedbugs.  As of January 31, 2018, we have not received a reply.

Before closing, there are two things involving this issue that need to be addressed. The Post received several complaints from students and people familiar with the situation to warrant another attempt to find out the true facts.

Number one, there was a complete lack of transparency between the Baltimore County Health Department and the public. Had we not challenged the BCHD on the issue, this entire matter may have been swept under the proverbial rug.

Number two, these insidious bedbugs are known to be extremely difficult to observe, and even more difficult to eradicate.

Once again, please view the below video from Animal Planet so you can be aware of the potential dangers involving bedbug infestation.

The Post will continue to follow up on the story, even if it takes a PIA to get the truth.




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