Baltimore County Places Three in Top 10 Worst Places to Live
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th December 2016

December 29, 2016 2:55 pm ET

Dundalk, Middle River, and Cockeysville make the list of worst places to live in Maryland

Source: Baltimore County Places Three in Top 10 Worst Places to Live

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If it wasn’t for the fact that the below article in the Sun was so inane, one might think the council is doing a good thing.

Baltimore County’s tourism budget to get a boost from hotel tax

The only problem with this move is the facts are missing.

In any news article the facts are a key element of the truth, rather than some political propaganda that fails to reveal the reality of the situation, which is then disseminated through the news media.

Read what Dundalk Councilman Tod Crandell wrote to his carefully selected supporters failing to mention the reality of the 7th District:

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my swearing in as Councilman of Baltimore County’s great 7th District. Two years in, and I have to tell everyone I love the job and I love the people of our district. We are strong, proud, and do not hesitate to tell each other how we feel even if we disagree. I firmly believe we share a sense of optimism we have not felt for a generation, and we have never been more united behind common goals and have never had more collaboration among communities and organizations than now. We have made significant progress, but we also acknowledge existing and long standing challenges. We are willing to face them in the only way we know how – head on. I am more dedicated than ever to continue the work and hope for your continued efforts and support.

Now here is the statement that struck me as rather ludicrous:

“We are strong, proud, and do not hesitate to tell each other how we feel even if we disagree.”

The only problem with that statement is that Mr. Crandell censures comments on his FB site when he is taken to task on various issues.

One such issue is his complete lack of communication with all 7th District community leaders, but I will digress my further comments on this sore subject (for now).

It seems that, per the Sun article, “Council members have approved legislation requiring that 8 percent of the hotel tax collected by the county be sent to the tourism office.”

My first thought was, “We have a tourism office?”

My second and third thoughts were, “What exactly does that office do?” and “Wow, what a thankless job to work for Baltimore County tourism.”

After all, Baltimore County touts three of the worst places to live in MD as pointed out in this YouTube video.

Dundalk is number 10, Middle River is number 9, and Cockeysville is number 8.

Now if you don’t believe that link, then this CBS News version might just sway you.

So, if I understand this correctly, the county council—after doing due diligence—decided to spend our tax dollars for a tourism office to promote three of the worst cities (terms used in the study) in beautiful Baltimore County.

Speaking of due diligence, where was the Sun on this issue? You see, folks, the Sun never asked a question regarding the study, nor did the paper’s reporter admit that they were aware of said study. What is even more inane is that any council member in his/her right frame of mind would want this fact revealed on the front page of the Baltimore Sun.

This bright idea came from our council chairwoman, as confirmed in these encouraging words: “Almond said the county’s tourism spots — from the waterfront to main streets to rapidly urbanizing Towson — are ‘underutilized.’ She said they will benefit from an infusion of marketing dollars.”

I find that kind of crazy because, as I have stated many times in the column, the council rubber stamps everything as a collective unit without anyone thinking of the potential consequences. It’s almost cartoon-like, with the seven members walking over the edge of the cliff no matter what the consequences.

Two days ago, a community posted video on Facebook of a lot of dead fish in the water on the eastern side of the county. Not a pretty sight. If you go to this site, you will see the video.

Chairwoman Almond, who is also rumored to be considering a run as County Executive, also referred to the “rapidly urbanizing of Towson” as being underutilized.

I wonder if anyone else on the council addressed that issue.

Councilman Marks ran into a stone wall of protest from the community, but pushed ahead anyway.

In one of my other columns on the Towson Row issue, one person I spoke with said many of the brand-new offices are not yet leased. Did any of the council members bother to speak with community leaders? Or did the council members just turn their backs like so many times in the past?

Had they bothered to listen to the community, our council members would have heard the same nightmare tales that I heard. Towson has become gridlocked with traffic, and college students have taken over at night, forcing many families away.

The same thing held true to the Towson Mall until a crackdown on rowdy teens became a common occurrence, as this CNN News clip produced over the holidays.

Folks, I can’t sugar coat my opinion: this is one of the worst councils I have seen in years.

How can I say that, one might ask?

Ask the tourists, who are being gouged to put some marketing dollars in play, once they smell the Back River Treatment Plant. If they are holding their noses, chances are they won’t be back any time soon.

But, as we all know, the treatment plant is not all that stinks in Baltimore County.

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