BCPS emails reveal ‘bedbugs” found inside one of the STAT computers
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 14th April 2018

One of Forrest Gump’s famous movie quotes stated the following:

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

In this case, the same could be said of a Post reporter who, while doing some research, came upon some interesting emails also found in a box from BCPS.

The big difference was this particular box had no chocolates,but rather something far more sinister since we know what can happen when these particular creatures invade our space.

To refresh some of our readers’ memories, let’s go back to when the Post first brought the matter of bedbugs found inside county schools to our attention.

The Post first reported on the issue of bedbugs potentially impacting BCPS back in March 2017.

You will notice that, in the first instance, there was a report of more than one potential issue in dealing with the dreaded pests. BCPS basically denied there was any issue of bedbugs in the county’s school system.

Then, in January 2018, The Baltimore Post reported another incident. The time, the official response from officials from Baltimore County was a sad follows:

We received 2 complaints about the issue. They were referred to the integrated pest management company that is contracted with BCPS. They performed an inspection on January 11 and found no evidence of live or dead bugs and no signs of infestation.

Looking at the dates of the two emails below, you will notice that BCPS was aware of the situation prior to responding to the Post article in January 2018.

What is especially disturbing is the lack of concern for students and parents in the BCPS findings to the point that one of the officials was unwilling to even risk any possible contamination within the boundaries of their own home. In other words – Not in my house – which we believe is completely unacceptable behavior on the part of people responsible for protecting the wellbeing of families in important matters such as these.

Considering the dates of our articles and response from BCPS officials, it is obvious that this whole issue was meant to be, as the saying goes – Out of sight, out of mind.

The Post would hope that these same BCPS officials would have the same forethought for anyone that could be potentially impacted by such a serious issue posed by these menacing and destructive creatures.

The Post also believes that, now we have brought the matter to light, BCPS may be held liable for any subsequent issues and the potential threat of introducing these past into an unsuspecting family’s home. The Post is unaware of any communication from BCPS to either the students or parents of the county school system.

After reading the below emails, please watch the attached video again to educate yourself to the insidious issues created by these menacing and foreboding insects and the impact they have on today’s society.

Oh, and one more thing—if anyone thinks that this cannot happen to you, please read this article that deals with bedbugs infesting computers. It might one day save you from having to endure the unendurable.






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