BCPS new direction already showing signs of possible detours
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th May 2018

BCPS decided to maintain the status quo, carrying on the legacy of now convicted and jailed Dr. Dallas Dance by appointing Verletta White to a four-year term as the county’s new superintendent.

It appeared to be business as usual … until the state stepped in.

Ms. White’s “new direction” (or thinly veiled status quo) may be in jeopardy, as the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon blocked Ms. White’s appointment to the position of BCPS superintendent.

Time will tell whether this turns into a detour or roadblock.

Judging by the social media post below, the one key element that was part of Ms. White’s appointment was to return discipline and character building to the school system. Apparently, these items are lacking at Dundalk Middle School, which is apparent if you look at the previous history of this troubled school.

We wonder how many times Sen. Salling has followed up on these problematic issues.

The following social media post was sent to us by an angry parent:

Whatever happened to school administrators standing outside during school dismissal? Does this no longer happen? Was outside of Dundalk Middle school during dismissal and all I can say is the school and the parents of these children should be absolutely ashamed.
2 fights
2 separate groups of children at two separate street signs trying to kick and rip the signs out of the grounds.
One kid on a bike weaving in and out of traffic, not respecting the authority if the crossing guard. ( I almost hit him because I went to pull up and he cut in front of me…probably centimeters from tapping him)
Another kid hitting every single parked car with drum sticks as they walk past.
I’m livid! This is NOT how a community is supposed to act.
Not one teacher or administrator seen.

This type of behavior has plagued the area for far too long. Despite the propaganda from our politicians and pundits, nothing seems to have changed.  The following email was sent to us by the BCPD media relations unit and was dated 3/15/18.

Hello Buzz,

I have been out of the office sick for the past two weeks but have been finally able to follow up on the number of school threats. Since February 2018, we have investigated over 100 school threats.

Speaking of the Baltimore County Police Department, we are going to use one of their idioms to describe the current situation at BCPS.  The police manual, once known as the Blue Book, refers to the acronym of SOP – Standard Operating Procedure.

BCPS has its own SOP, as seen at a recent meeting of local residents. A teacher complained of the rigid schedule involving the use of computers as part of the BCPS STAT Program. The teacher’s major concern was the lack of time spent with students, as well as the teacher to pupil ratio.

In regard to procedures that deal with specific problems, there was a President who drew a line in the sand and dared the offending nation to cross that line.

You can control all the damn lines you wish and have a whole book of SOPs, but if no one is willing to implement anything then it is all just lip service.

Or, to use another idiom, It is what it is!

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