Black Lives Matter: Truth and Consequence
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

July 12, 2016 11:10 pm ET

Mckesson should be suspended from city schools job until case is adjudicated

Source: Black Lives Matter: Truth and Consequence

Photo credit/Washington Post: Activist or anarchist?

The legend says that Nero, the Roman Emperor at the time, played his fiddle while the city burned.

While many people believe this to be true, it is actually a myth.

At the time in question, the fiddle had not yet been invented; nonetheless, Nero’s perverse actions are not in debate.

Here is the reality according to

When the Great Fire broke out, Nero was at his villa at Antium, some 35 miles from Rome. Though he immediately returned and began relief measures, people still didn’t trust him. Some even believed he had ordered the fire started, especially after he used land cleared by the fire to build his Golden Palace and its surrounding pleasure gardens. Nero himself blamed the Christians (then an obscure religious sect) for the fire, and had many arrested and executed. But while Nero may have been guilty of many things, the story of him fiddling while Rome burned belongs firmly in the category of popular legend rather than established truth.

I’m sure there will be some who may question what this history lesson has to do with failed mayoral candidate Mr. DeRay Mckesson, his arrest, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

We shall embark down that path together, seeking the truth with a little help from a Harvard Professor, who is African American, looking for the same thing that will set us, as the great leader Martin Luther King once lamented, “Free at Last” from the propaganda spewed forth from the left-wing media like the Baltimore Sun.

My last statement is as plain as the second page of the July 12 edition of the Sun. But, for those who don’t get the Sun—in more ways than one—let me set the stage for my reasoning on this matter.

On page two of the print edition, two articles sat side by side.

First, we have this headline—shocking for some, yet another day of reality in the city of death.

Now just to the right of that headline, we have Luke Broadwater’s article on Mr. Mckesson being set free from his arrest in a Louisiana protest.

For those who may not see something wrong with this conflicting picture, let me frame it for you.

What kind of person would open fire on a group of defenseless citizens (wounding five people) while another, DeRay Mckesson, is far from home protesting and getting arrested for what is going on in his own backyard.

The question I have for Mr. Mckesson is, “What the hell are you protesting for in another city for when the body count in your own backyard lists Baltimore as one of the most violent places in the country?”

Let us harken back to that African American professor from HARVARD who made a rather shocking discovery that, in his own words, startled him.

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., the author of the study and a professor of economics at Harvard.

The study concluded, “But when it comes to the most lethal form of force—police shootings—the study finds no racial bias.”

So, what we have here, folks, is a fraud of sorts that the left-wing media has perpetrated on the public by such rants from Sun Columnist Dan Rodricks, who spewed this lame rant:

Not once did Mr. Rodricks mention that the real reason for the untimely death of black men is other black men.

Oh, by the way Mr. Rodricks, you don’t have to leave town like Mr. Mckesson to find that truth; just read you own damn paper.

After I make this statement, I can hear the screams of the left; but sometimes the truth hurts and is tough to swallow.

Former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani saved more black lives by being proactive when he oversaw one of the largest drops in homicides by introducing “community policing,” which was predicated on the “broken windows” approach. That approach instituted policies like the “stop and frisk” police tactic, among other proactive measures.

Unlike Black Lives Matter, which is reactive, Giuliani took the proactive route, which saw a drastic drop in the number of black deaths in high-crime areas.

Plain and simple, he took the guns out of the hands of those who were killing black people.

Now, let’s examine some of the spew written in the two aforementioned articles linked to the Sun.

From Mr. Broadwater comes the following quote from his article on Mr. Meckesson:

Jones said she believed the arrest of Mckesson was unconstitutional. He was charged with one count of obstruction of a highway, which is a misdemeanor.

“Baton Rouge right now is at a state of high alert,” Jones said. “It’s something we’ve never experienced here. There’s a lot of unrest in the city of Baton Rouge right now.”

Is is right for BLM to threaten the lives of police chiefs who are both Aferican American?

Baltimore activist DeRay Mckesson released after arrest in Baton Rouge protest


No wonder agitators come in from other violent towns like Baltimore to stir up more trouble.

Mr. Jones thinks Mr. Mckesson’s arrest was unconstitutional. Well, so is dropping a brick on a police officer’s head and fatally shooting five officers, some of whom were risking their lives protecting black people, as we see in this link:

You didn’t read about this in the Sun, now did you???

On top of that, we have these quotes from the leader of the city school system, as found in Mr. Broadwater’s article:

“He was named to Baltimore Schools CEO Sonja Santelises’ Cabinet last month. In his new role, Mckesson is earning $165,000 and manages a budget of $4 million and 56 employees.

Santelises said she supports Mckesson’s activism.”

The question I have is, does “activism” include being arrested besmirching the name of not only Baltimore but the school system as well?

Did Mr. Broadwater mention any of Professor Fryer’s study, or did that get lost in the rhetoric?

In closing this sordid chapter of the left-wing agenda of distorting the truth (since FBI stats bare out same findings), one wonders if the left-wing media talks about the number of black police chiefs who have received death threats?

Hell no!

Let me slam the door with this quote by Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who sent this message to the protesters: “We’re hiring.”

I don’t think Mr. Mckesson will give up his cushy job and big money salary to tolerate what he and people like him dish out.

You have to be a man to take that kind of abuse, like this new reporter:

Warning: Language used by members of BLM is extremely offensive

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