Blasting the ‘lamestream’ liberal media for coverage of President Trump’s drive-by at Walter Reed
Posted by Rick Ostopowicz on 5th October 2020
The ‘lamestream’ liberal media is bound and determined to undermine everything President Trump does. Is it any wonder why people have deemed the mass media outlets to be purveyors of “fake news?” (Photo Credit:

The liberal media is at it once again, folks.

No matter what President Donald Trump does, they are there to pounce and vilify him.

If President Trump announced a cure for cancer, we’re pretty sure the bozos at CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post would yell that he put thousands of oncologists out of work.

In the latest show of partisan media bias, the liberal media has been screeching loudly about President Trump’s “drive by” to thank those showing support outside Walter Reed.

The lamestream media jumped all over that story, saying how reckless it was, how it put the lives of Secret Service agents in danger, yadda yadda yadda.

Thankfully, there are voices that are willing to cut through the B.S. and set the record straight.

One such voice is Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, who explained why the left-wing media got the story very wrong.


It’s incredibly sad to see how the majority of news outlets—including, to an alarming amount these days, FOX News (more on that in an upcoming column)—are catering to the left.

Meanwhile, The Baltimore Post will continue to be the dissenting voice in the media. We’re going to call it like it is with no liberal bias.

You have our word on that.

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