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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 23, 2015 4:47 pm ET

The Sun’s account on diversity in Baltimore County is flat out wrong

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Recently, the Baltimore Sun published an article on diversity in the Baltimore County Police Department.

To borrow (and change) a famous saying, “I came, I saw, I doubted.”

Let me just say up front that anyone who wishes to challenge this blog should call the Baltimore County Police Department themselves. I attempted to call the training academy, but there was no one available to answer my questions.

Color me shocked…

In addition to calling the training academy, I called the recruitment office and the media relations office. Needless to say, there still was no one available to answer any questions. The response was the usual, “We’ll call you back.”

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the phone to ring. After all, my doctor advised me not to hold my breath that long.

Let’s look at Alison Knezevich’s article titled “Balto. County stresses diversity in latest police promotions,” which ran in the Sun on February 17, 2015.

The piece begins with Mr. Kamenetz, who wants the police department to reflect the area’s growing diversity. The article also provides the breakdown of various race percentages for those who reside in Baltimore County. Ms. Knezevich mentions the racial component as follows: 57% White, 18% Black, 16% Asian, and 6% Hispanic.

My question is, “How many Hispanic and Asian officers are included in Mr. Kamenetz’s efforts at diversity?”

Ms. Knezevich takes it a step farther when she adds highlighted topic of “Minorities in suburbs,” which reflects her statement that “Minorities are underrepresented in several of the region’s largest counties.”

Now the question becomes, “Why?”

I have read various accounts of why blacks don’t want to become police officers. They range from the fact that there is more opportunity in the business world to other reasons, such as the stigma that goes with becoming a law enforcement officer if one is black.

There is another reason that is not in line with the PC-ness that has taken over our country, which is threatening the very foundation that made it great. It’s called accountability.

Ms. Knezevich quotes Maya Beasley, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut and co-founder of the T10 B Group, a diversity consulting firm.

Ms. Beasley states in Ms. Knezevich’s article that, “People are not likely to get interested in a law enforcement career ‘if they’re watching people in their community being brutalized by the police.’”

If that statement is not about PC-ness from a left wing liberal who spews forth irresponsible and inaccurate propaganda for a left wing paper (an dying one at that), then the truth shall set us free.

First in response to Ms. Beasley’s baseless rhetoric, take a close look at the truth from the number one cable show of the past 18 years:

Now, what happened after Ferguson? The Feds left with their tails between their legs. There was no wrongdoing on the officer’s part. In the latest studies, white police offers have been more hesitant to shoot blacks because of the similar backlash that would engulf them.

To clarify this, here is another clip form Bill O’Reilly on unfounded statements from people like Ms. Beasley.

Now here is what I believe is going on inside the Baltimore County Police Department involving the diversity issue.

How many Hispanic and Asian commanders are there? As far as I know, there are none.

Does the department have a plan to hire these minorities? I would guess that answer would be no. I have to guess because, when I ask the tough questions, no one in the department will answer them.

Are they afraid of the truth?

When you lower the standards in any agency you get what you hire. Do you think for one moment the NFL or the NBA would hire anyone who could not produce on the field or court? Is diversity an issue there?

One would ask how those two very different issues compare—police work and sports. In the area of sports, everything is based on ability rather than the color of one’s skin. Do you think for one moment the owner of a sports team would allow diversity to come between winning and losing?

But in police work—where the one wearing the badge has the power of life, death, and freedom—it’s more about the color of one’s skin rather than qualifications.

Look at the problems the Baltimore City Police Department is having with corruption. Important cases are being lost over creditability. At the heart of those issue are the rather lax hiring standards. I was told by cops that the testing is rather lax, too. I was also informed that the department is hiring people who fail the lie detector test. I have spoken to detectives who were told to “look the other way” on a variety of issues.

Again, I refer to the city and all of the problems encountered over creditability, as revealed in an article that appeared in the City Paper which talks about police with a troubled past testifying on the stand.

There is nothing wrong with diversity as long as the department hires qualified applicants.

A female recruit is caught stealing money from the academy class treasury. The detectives want charges, while the Chief chalks it up to a bookkeeping error.

A lieutenant with a troubled past is promoted to captain after lying to IA about his vehicle being reported stolen when it was involved in an incident in another jurisdiction. That same lieutenant is promoted to captain and then rescues a family member from criminal charges.

A recruit was hired with gang affiliations (tattoos included) and only fired after being caught in a crime. After being fired, that same officer goes on YouTube and smokes dope while showing off gang tattoos.

Another recruit threatens an instructor after being told to stop eating in the class. He was caught cheating more than once. He was fired.

Go figure…

Since the County Police is not transparent, I am in the process of filing a PIA to get the truth.

It’s becoming a complete waste of time to ask any questions because I never get any answers … unless I want to add another “rubber stamp” to the political agenda.

No thank you. I prefer to keep things honest.

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