(Border) Crossing the Line
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

July 22, 2014 8:00 am ET

Illegal immigration raises its ugly head again as President turns a blind eye

Source: (Border) Crossing the Line

You’ve heard of the “shot heard ‘round the world,” but have you heard of the “cry heard ‘round the world?” That cry was uttered by an African woman, and it did not fall on deaf ears—except maybe the President’s.

News reports now say that the President wasn’t so deaf after all—he knew about this well before it became a crisis.

Yet, he did nothing, which reveals a real disconnect between the White House and the American people.

Listen to this woman’s reaction over this issue:


Now, her response goes well beyond the current crisis of the “border children” and impacts other social issues in America.

Folks, let me point out here that these illegals (and to anyone who is offended by that term, too bad, because it is accurate) are reviving more aid, attention, and services than our wounded warriors.

Like the woman shown in the video said, “What about our children in our own communities and country?”

Twenty five percent of documented (e.g., “legal”) Latino families in this nation are living in poverty. Yet, those who come across our border illegally are receiving free health care, food subsidies, and housing.

By now you should see why there is palpable anger growing over this issue among U.S. citizens.

Now, take a moment to listen to the debate between Bill O’Reilly and Kristen Powers, who is a liberal, over this issue. Ms. Powers seems to believe that it is the responsibility of the United States to respond to this issue, and similar ones as well.


I feel the need to step in here. If Ms. Powers’ agenda is correct, then President Bill Clinton failed to act in the death of 300,000 children during the Rwanda genocide.

But you won’t hear her say that, will you?

Ms. Powers also forgot to mention that many of these illegal children, particularly teenagers, are being actively recruited by the notorious and brutal MS 13 Mexican drug gang.

Here is where I disagree the most with Ms. Powers on her response—she ignores the logistical problems facing these children and where they wind up in the end. Many are just given a bus ticket to nowhere and forced them to fend for themselves. Listen to a border agent describe this mess.

If anyone doubts the chances for these children, there are some “somber at best” realistic issues facing them before they reach the mainstream of society, which could take at least 10 years. By that, I mean it will take that long to learn the language and catch up to Latino peers, who themselves are facing a bleak future.

Here is an interesting article on today’s mainstream dreamers and the tribulations they face. The article by Lalita Clozel of the Triune News was a hard hitting one that reflected the reality facing many immigrants.

WASHINGTON — Working as a Jack in the Box cashier, Marissa Cruz Santos breathed a sigh of relief last year when she qualified for an Obama administration program that defers deportation of young immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children.

With high expectations and a freshly minted work permit, Santos, 27, hit the job market, hoping to leverage her new status and a Cal State Fullerton degree into an entry-level office position. But after applying for several jobs near her Riverside home, Santos got only two interviews and no offers.

Yes, she said, the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has made it easier for her to apply for jobs that were previously out of reach, but obstacles remain to actually getting them, mostly because of gaps in her skill level and a weak resume caused by years toiling at low-paying fast-food jobs.

“I don’t think we were ready for the fact that a lot of us have been out of school for a long time and that we don’t have experience,” Santos said.

It’s not only in this country that immigration has raised some ugly issues. France is feeling the bite of immigrant unrest.

Money remains a major issue in the immigration debate, as individual states struggle to meet the demands of the various problems caused by illegal immigration. For example, the State of Maryland spends $1.7 billion a year on illegal immigration:

·         $1.37 billion a year to educate the children of illegal aliens

·         $231 million a year on unreimbursed health care for illegal aliens

·         $177 million a year on criminal justice activities for illegal aliens

·         $47.5 million a year on welfare for illegal aliens

·         $910 annual cost to each of Maryland’s native-born headed households

(Source: FAIR report on statewide costs)

It does not help when headlines such as these appear:

·         Migrant cases clogging court – Baltimore Sun, 7/20/14

·         New shelter sites sought – Baltimore Sun, 7/17/14

·         Border crisis funding sought ($3.7 billion) – Baltimore Sun, 7/09/14

·         U.S. eyeing new Md. Sites for immigrant children – Baltimore Sun, 7/18/14

·         Immigrant crisis is exhausting resources – Baltimore Sun, 7/11/14

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is sending National Guard troops to the border. You know that isn’t free, right? And it is hazardous duty, as the border patrol already have been fired upon by heavy caliber weapons. Meanwhile, one man was picked up in another state for kidnaping.

When a nation loses control of its borders, language, and culture, it is safe to say that nation is in peril.

Here is a press statement on immigration from Baltimore County on the subject, provided by Chief of Staff Don Mohler:

“The nation is in the midst of a significant humanitarian crisis that requires a comprehensive federal solution.  I urge Congress to act immediately to address this growing issue and have reached out to Congressman Ruppersberger this morning.  On Friday morning July 18, I received notice from Catholic Charities that it would be submitting a Request for Proposal to the federal government to serve 50 children affected by this crisis in Baltimore County.  Catholic Charities does not need any approval or assistance from Baltimore County to submit this proposal.  That submission is due August 5, and I will be reaching out to Catholic Charities officials to seek more information on this proposal as it becomes available.” 

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

Here is a copy of Republican George Harman’s press release via a PDF file.  (Posted at bottom of page)

Let me say it again, folks—an “undocumented” citizen is NOT a citizen. Illegal immigrants need to follow the proper procedures to enter this country legally. That process has happened for as long as this nation has been in existence, and it continues to happen. It may not be a speedy process, but it is a necessary process.

A final thought: for those who believe that people have the right to live wherever they want without an immigration process, just try and relocate yourself to a foreign country without the proper paperwork.

Let me know how that works out for you…

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