Breaking News: Chief Complaint on Immigration Policy
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 28th May 2017
Chief “welcomes” the Baltimore Post,  though it’s not nice to point.


Confrontation with County Police Chief shows rift regarding immigration policy

Council does ‘document dump’ on meeting set for day after Memorial Day at 2 pm


Councilman Todd Crandell has never mentioned a word on illegal immigration … until after Councilman Wade Kach brought it to the forefront in his press release.  Now Mr. Crandell wants to interject his concept of 287 (g), which allows only corrections officers to become involved in checking for illegal status regarding crimes committed.  The problem with this is it’s well after the fact and stops front line officers from necessary interaction.

Or, as Chief Sheridan calls it, “interdiction.”

Here is a report from the Boston Police Department that was just released that some might find disturbing. Let’s look at a quote from the report:

“An analysis of Class A Trafficking arrests showed that 39% of the arrestees claimed to have been born in the U.S., 26 percent claimed to have been born in Puerto Rico, and 65% were born in another country,” BRIC stated in the report.

Of the non-citizen heroin traffickers arrested in Boston, 84 percent are from the Dominican Republic.”

If you watch the video interview with Chief Sheridan, you will hear a similar echoed statement about drugs coming from across the border.

In contrast to the chief’s analogy, we have this statement from a Sun article that is at odds with the BCPD:

” On Friday, Kamenetz’s campaign office sent out an email accusing the Republican councilmen of “trying to infect our state with Trumpism. But that’s not who we are as Marylanders.”

Kamenetz, a Democrat, is considering a run for governor. Last month he signed an executive order emphasizing an existing county policy not to ask people about their immigration status and not to hold people in jail past their release date for immigration reasons — unless federal officials present a warrant signed by a judge.”

Watch the video of his flip-flop speech, and the Post challenging him on the issues:

Sorry Mr. Kamenetz, this is not Trumpism, but rather laws set forth by Congress.  If you look at the facts, former President Obama deported more people in his first term in office than President Trump.

As far as the real reason for 287 (g), we only have to look at the recent suicide bombing in Manchester, England.  Here is another shocking report on that issue.   As the famous movie line goes, “you’ve got to ask yourself a question.” Who in law enforcement is on the front lines: jail officers or police officers?

Before  I close our take on this issue, it has been reported by British authorities that there are 23,000 known terrorists in that country.  We have also seen the carnage cause by the UK’s open border policy.

So, with that in mind, I revert back to Clint Eastwood’s movie line of:  “Well do you feel lucky?” When it comes to our safety, Mr. Kamenetz, do you?

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