Campaign mailers say one thing, but the facts indicate something else
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th October 2018


Before we begin, The Baltimore Post wants to make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about a Blue wave or Red wave. The only waves that come into play here are the waves of propaganda that crash against the shores of truth.

The four candidates featured in the political flyer above are running at the state level, yet there are some national interests in play as well. For those unfamiliar with the two very distinct roles in the political spectrum, this link might provide some insight.

Let us share some real facts with our readers.

One fact deals with State Sen. Johnny Salling.  The Baltimore Post conducted a very thorough investigation when we were alerted that Senator Salling did not reside in the district that he was elected to represent.

In doing our due diligence, we reached out to Senator Salling’s office seeking a comment pertaining to our investigation, but we did not receive any response. Our latest attempt occurred on October 19, 2018, when we left a voicemail message that has not been returned as of publication.

At the very least, given the fast-approaching General Election, someone should be answering the phone, or at least returning calls. Elected officials have a budget for such things.

There is another issue that comes to mind after looking at the flyer, which does not reflect what we believe are the true facts pertaining such misleading statements.

The Baltimore Post cannot recall any time when the four elected officials ever once mentioned their opposition to the sanctuary status of Baltimore County. This is especially troubling since immigration is listed as one of the top issues for the midterm elections.

If you don’t think the immigration issue is being brought to the forefront, consider all of the coverage given to migrants marching toward the United States to seek asylum. What began as a trickle of a little more than 170 marchers has now turned into more than 4,000 people headed toward our southern border.

Under the leadership of former Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County was declared a sanctuary jurisdiction, meaning illegals are welcomed without proper vetting. Since the death of Mr. Kamenetz, Don Mohler has taken the reins of leadership in the county, and he stands by the sanctuary status his predecessor put into place.

Just for your information, the cost of educating the children of illegals Baltimore County is $62.3 million.

At the state level, the cost is even more significant: it costs Maryland taxpayers $1.9 billion to support illegals in this state. Newly released studies now indicate that the population of illegals in the United States has exploded to approximately 22 million.

Here’s another startling fact. A recent report on FOX News stated that one-third of the illegal population comes from El Salvador, the birthplace of the notorious and deadly MS 13 gang.

This figure is especially troubling since Baltimore County is facing financial issues in the coming future according to comments by Councilman Tom Quirk in this article.

Again, this is not about the “D” or “R” in front of a politician’s name; rather, we are focusing on the issues they claim to represent.

The below photo is an illustration of a bipartisan effort of corporate welfare. The photo features Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, former Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, and Republican Councilman Todd Crandell giving their support to Tradepoint Atlantic, which is seeking millions of taxpayer dollars to fund a private venture.

Photo credit/Tradepoint Atlantic

Here’s what we do know about the pols featured on this flyer:


In some cases, photographs speak volumes.

Delegate Robin Grammer speaking. Seated to his left is Cliff O’Connell. (Photo credit/Facebook)


Delegate Ric Metzgar. Seated just to his right is Baltimore City Council Chairman Jack Young. (Photo credit/Facebook)


The Baltimore Post will offer any of the featured politicians in the “Hogan Endorsed” flyer an opportunity to respond to this article.

As always, our motto is: “You read; you decide.”

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