Candidate Forum: Democrat Russ Mirabile picking up steam
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

June 16, 2014 11:07 am ET

TV spot’s are effective for Mirabile

Source: Candidate Forum: Democrat Russ Mirabile picking up steam

Below is a message form Democrat Russ Mirabile who is running against John Olszewski Jr. in the 6th District Senate race.

The words are the candidate’s and were not edited.

Since we are so close to election day I will offer a brief assessment.  Russ Mirabile is picking up steam and mounting an effective campaign.

It’s a daunting task but as we just saw, who ever thought Dave Brat (out of nowhere) would   knock off Eric Cantor?

Here is Russ’s message:

Title: State Senate Candidate Russ Mirable challenges Olszewski JR liberal voting record on June 24th,

Russ Mirabile has been President of the Rosedale Community Association and the President of the Greater Chesaco  Community  Association.  Russ Mirabile has been a faithful care-giver for his Mom.  And today, Russ Mirabile is a Democratic candidate for the Maryland State Senate in the 6 LD of Baltimore County.

Russ Mirabile is a straight talking candidate. Russ Mirabile is in an issue driven competitive race with John Olszewski, Jr .

Russ Mirabile points out that Olszewski, JR is not in touch with the constituents but rather caters to the O’Malley tax increase agenda.  Here is the Olszewski, JR record.

Olszewski JR. voted for the “computer tax” which caused such an up roar in Maryland’s business community that the computer tax had to be repealed in a special legislative session

Olszewski, JR voted for the O’Malley “rain tax” which negatively impacts businesses and hurts residents.

Olszewski, JR voted to place a “union tax” fee of $389 annually on 12,500 state employees.

Olszewski.  JR falsely claimed credit as the “mover and shaker” for bringing Amazon to Maryland. But the truth is that according to the 10-23-13 Baltimore Business Journal Edition, Amazon came to Maryland  because of the teamwork of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, the Maryland Port Administration, the Maryland Transit Administration the Maryland Comptroller’s Office.

Olszewski, JR was the lead sponsor of HB 747 known as the “union job killer “ legislation that if passed would have eliminated 828 union jobs with health care benefits and a retirement package at a Cumberland paper mill.

Olszewski, JR voted for the “Bathroom Bill” which allows men dressed as women to enter the women’s public bathroom.

Olszewski, JR was the key vote to pass the gay marriage legislation going against all the churches that support marriage as between a man a woman.

Olszewski, JR. supports the sale of the North Point Government against the will of the citizens.

Olszewski, JR voted for the decriminalization of marijuana putting young people at risk to use stronger drugs.  Decriminalization is not supported by the police community. This represents a major public safely issues.

Olszewski, JR. has trouble distinguishing the truth from his outright denials of his voting record.  What is next “the dog ate his voting record”?

Everytime Olszewski, JR denounces his voting record I think of the fable story “Pinnochio“.

As voters on June 24th we can change direction. Vote Russ Mirabile for the State Senate.

Endorsed by Bernice Meyers, former County Council Candidate; Ron Schaeffer, Attorney; and County Council Candidate Brian Weir.

Auth. Jennifer Anton, Treasurer.

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