Candidate Forum: Introducing Republican Tony Campbell for County Executive
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

May 28, 2014 11:31 am ET

Another addition of Candidate Forum introducing Republican Tony Cambell for County Executive

Source: Candidate Forum: Introducing Republican Tony Campbell for County Executive

This series is meant to inform the voters of Baltimore County of the choices they have in both the primary and general elections.

This segment features Republican Tony Campbell who is seeking the GOP nod in the primary.

The words are the candidate’s and appear as unedited.

My name is Tony Campbell and I am honored to run for the office of Baltimore County Executive.  Over the past five months, as I have traveled around the county, one core sentiment has been expressed by citizens over and over again – the level of arrogance and disrespect shown to the people by the Kevin Kamenentz and his administration.

The arrogance has manifested itself in a variety of ways; from the yelling at senior citizens in Mays Chapel to the proposed sale of government property to private interests in Dundalk and Towson, to the deplorable situation at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter; this administration only seems to listen to individuals and corporations who choose to financially support the political interests of Mr. Kamenentz.

My campaign has been actively communicating our vision of returning Leadership with RESPECT for the People of Baltimore County back to Towson.  As County Executive, I will repeal the Rain Tax, stop the implementation of Common Core in Baltimore County Public Schools, lobby for a Fully Elected School Board for the 2016-2017 school year, stop the killing of defenseless animals at the county animal shelter, and will push for Pension Elimination for elected officials.  My stands on these issues have attracted support from Republicans, Democrats and un-affiliated voters who are ready for a change in leadership in Towson.

This election year can be a turning point in the direction of county government where the people matter; but only if we rise together to get rid of career politicians who are only concerned with lining their pockets and looking for the next taxpayer funded elective office to campaign for.  Unlike other Republican candidates, our campaign will campaign in every neighborhood across the county.  From Catonsville to Middle River, Woodlawn to Monkton, and Perry Hall to Randallstown; our campaign will communicate the message of returning Leadership with RESPECT for the People of Baltimore County back to county government.

Our campaign has been very active in identifying local issues that are important to communities across the county.  The selling of the North Point Government Center, the development of condos outside of the URDL in Bowleys Quarters, and the building of the Royal Farms store at the Fire Academy site on York Road in Towson are examples of questionable policy decisions resulting from the political donations of a few wealthy people / organizations.  These donations are used to silence the wishes of local communities.

It is time for this nonsense to END!  I am not running to serve as the loyal opposition to the ruling class, nor am I running to put a Republican name on the ballot; I am running because with your help, we can take back our local government by WINNING in November.

We have a campaign website,, a Facebook page –, and a Twitter account –  which has all of the campaign information and updates on the campaign. You can contact us at any of the three vehicles mentioned above to volunteer and/or to make a contribution.  I would love to hear from you! Please e-mail your comments and concerns to the campaign at

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 24th and early voting begins on Thursday, June 12th!   I humbly and respectfully ask for your support and your vote.  The founding fathers of our Republic did not expect our government to give us hope or change, but to give us RESPECT!  We, the People deserve no less than that from our local government.

Thank you and God Bless!
Tony Campbell

Republican Candidate, Baltimore County Executive

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