Captive Audience at Dundalk Public Safety Day
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 14th January 2017

August 9, 2011 4:58 am ET

Cops use dogs, some with mustard to quell hungry crowd at Dundalk’s Public Safety Day.

Source: Captive Audience at Dundalk Public Safety Day

The Baltimore County Police Department used an array of special equipment to showcase their tactical readiness to a large crowd at their 7th Annual Baltimore County Public Safety Day.

The police showcased some of their highly trained K-9 dogs, landed a helicopter, brought in a tactical van and unveiled their new tactical boat.

Officers on bikes, a DJ and numerous other sites captivated the attentive audience. Did I mention hot dogs and cold sodas? Can’t have an open house without the food.

North Point Police Community Relations Council president Jim O’Toole said that he thought there were enough hot dogs to deal with the crowd, but looked a little nervous. I looked around and asked if there were more dogs on the way and he said, “Yeah, and I hope they have some mustard. These people look pretty hungry.”

O’Toole said the goal of the event, July 30, was to bring the community and police together, which ultimately provides for a safer community.

Some of the usual suspects (elected officials) showed up and took to the stage for a lineup. State Sen. Norman Stone pleaded guilty to years of faithful service in accepting a plaque in recognition of his local work.

Stone is reportedly the third longest elected official serving in this country. Every four years his parole is denied by the voters. He is about to serve his 50th year.

Next on stage was Del. Sonny Minnick, who gracefully acknowledged the great work of the Baltimore County Police Department with keeping the citizens of Dundalk safe.

The final award went to the North Point Precinct Officer of the Year, officer Robert Raynor, Jr. Raynor’s family was present for the ceremony

Captain Butch Wilson praised the Police Community Relations Council for sponsoring the event.

Some of the other prominent community leaders stopped by to show their support. They included Dun-Logan president Rhonda Crisp, Celestine and Babe Grabowski from Graceland Park, and from across town, AA County’s PCR Vice President Ana Brus.

Helicopter pilot/police officer Dan Wolf made a pinpoint landing.

A little background on the Aviation Unit. There is always a TFO (Tactile Field Officer) on board and a spotter.

The TFA for this event was my old traffic buddy officer Jeff Parsons, who still works the Crash Team. Officer Matt Jackson was the third member of the chopper team.

The Aviation Unit has seven pilots who provide 24/7 air coverage.

The Tactical Boat was paid for with part of a grant to assist in protecting the Port of Baltimore. The boat is state-of-the-art and can respond anywhere it’s needed.

The weather was perfect and officers from the precinct gave the audience guided tours. I can say that everyone that went in – came out.

Another interesting fact: K-9 officer Chris Sterling’s dog, a German Shepherd named Falco, responds to commands only in German. Why you may ask? Because Falco was trained in Germany.

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