Casting Shade on a “Sun-ny” Viewpoint
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th March 2017

“With integration, achievement gaps shrink.”

(Above quote from The Baltimore Sun)

In the pat the Post has been critical of the Sun’s liberal coverage, where the agenda seemed to trump (no pun intended) the facts.

However, the Post will always point out the truth, as is the case with the Sun’s coverage of the now-retired former Police Chief Jim Johnson, who is still being paid by the County Executive–a man who likes to spend taxpayers’ money foolishly.

Like when he forgave Baltimore City’s bill for assistance rendered by the county.

In the Johnson piece, Alison Knezevuch pointed this out to readers:

“At the request of the county executive, (Johnson) is being kept on payroll until April 1 as a show of gratitude for, and in honor of, his decades of service as a leader in the Baltimore County Police Department,” a spokeswoman for County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said in a statement.

However, let’s get back to the crux of today’s front page article, published under the banner of The Sun Investigates, written by Liz Bowie and Erica L. Green.

Folks, we at the Post prefer to deal in reality, so this is written as part of a No Spin Zone where the facts are true and accurate, and they unfortunately point out the flaws in the BCPS system, led by Dr. Dallas Dance.

Here is a quote that should make the liberals twinge:

“When you have a diverse school population, all students thrive,” Dance said, adding that not just low-income students of color benefit, but also affluent students. “When you have integrated schools, students have the opportunity to push each other.”

How can that be true? Especially considering that the Sun reported this:

“She spent all day in an East Baltimore classroom, surrounded by the clatter of unintelligible languages. She spoke no English. She couldn’t read or write, even in her own language of Sango. With the only interpreter who spoke that language somewhere across the city, she had little help in deciphering her new world. Each day, she felt humiliated. Her stomach burned.”

With that said, here is another startling fact.  Baltimore County spends $6.8 million on immigrant students.  As more immigrants flood into the county, which is actually encouraged since County Executive Kevin Kamenetz wants to make the county a sanctuary, the problems are further exacerbated.

There is so much information on the immigrants’ impact on our education system, and the inability of the schools to cope with the issues regarding culture, language, poverty, and low graduation rates.

You might want to take a peek at Liz Bowie’s article.

Here is a quote from the National Education Studies:

“Among the different race-ethnicity groups, only Hispanic foreign-born are at greater risk of dropping out than native-born youths. For Hispanics, the dropout rate of 46.2 percent for immigrants is two and one-half times the dropout rate of 17.9 percent for Hispanic young adults born in the U.S.”

In The Sun Investigates, you will find the following quote:

“Maryland was the third-most-segregated state in the nation for black students in 2014, the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles reported last year. In those segregated schools, researchers say, students will often find themselves with less-experienced teachers in less-rigorous classes — and more likely to lag behind their peers.”

A final thought on this topic.  One would expect Dr. Dallas and the packed liberal school board to not put segregation on the front burner, which one would think would be a cause célèbre, especially from left-wing board member Marisol Johnson, who plans to run for the county council in the 2nd district.

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