Comptroller Scores KO in AC Battle
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

November 20, 2015 10:52 am ET

County executive shows up unannounced, disrupts school tour

Source: Comptroller Scores KO in AC Battle

Comptroller Peter Franchot and still champion in the AC division!

There is an old adage about “the elephant in the room,” and that proverbial elephant made an unannounced (and uninvited) visit to Kingsville Elementary School as the Comptroller of Maryland, Peter Franchot, was touring the facility on November 19.

However, that proverbial elephant is not the typical symbol for the Republican Party. Rather, this time the elephant was actually a donkey, which depicts the Democratic Party.

Before I get to the really good stuff about the school visit, here is some history behind the two symbols, just to make the observation an official historical analysis:

Political cartoonists chose the elephant and the donkey as representing the political parties in the late 19th century. Credit is mostly given to Thomas Nast.

In both cases, they were basically insults that stuck. The stampeding elephant for the Republicans and the stubborn jackass for the Democrats.

It’s ironic that they are now embraced by the parties, who have of course made up more palatable descriptions of their mascots. (Source

Now for the main course, or main event, if you will.

Comptroller Peter Franchot was doing his duty, touring the elementary school and attempting to resolve the suffering of our children in sweltering classrooms by discussing various solutions to deal with the problem. Present along with Mr. Franchot were parents, students and teachers.

For those who believe that the AC issue is being blown out of proportion, we have photo documentation provided by the Dundalk Eagle showing the actual temperature and heat index, which reached 126 degrees inside a classroom at Dundalk Elementary. There were verified reports of teachers and students requiring medical treatment.

So, let’s get back to the proverbial elephant. It was just a tad strange for this particular large-footed animal in the room to disrupt a very important school visit to show his disdain for civility. Remember, Mr. Kamenetz, Dr. Dance, and other members of the current administration failed to speak up at the appropriate time to address this matter in a bipartisan manner. If you’ll refer back to the story I posted earlier, all of the figures in the Kamenetz administration failed to show at the last meeting about putting AC in schools.

Another old saying goes, “You snooze; you lose.”

Instead of attending the first meeting, Mr. Kamenetz preferred to appear on BC TV talking about sky scrapers in Towson and how Towson will wind up looking like a metropolis. He does not mention a lack of AC in those buildings.

As I recall from my days in school, to pose a question in the classroom, you were expected to raise your hand and use a civil tone that shows respect.

Someone else skipped that lesson, I suppose.

When given the option of dealing with the current problem of using portable AC units, Mr. Kamenetz was adamantly against any such notion, thus attempting to close the door and make an already hot issue just a bit stuffier.
Maybe Mr. Kamenetz’s shirt was too tight, causing a lack of proper nouns—as witnessed at his news conference in dealing with Mays Chapel situation, where he states to a member of the crowd, “It’s my job to talk and your job to listen.”

I guess Mr. Kamenetz thought it was his job to make sure Mr. Franchot knew that as well.

Now here is the ironic statement from the news boondoggle: “You are adults who are acting like children.”

I hope the County Executive remembers those words the next time a child or a teacher is taken to the hospital because the county executive does not want to address an immediate problem with a long-term solution, which only exasperates the current situation.

Somehow I can’t grasp Mr. Franchot as a bull in a china closet but, after watching this clip of Mr. Kamenetz speak, there is more hot air circulating than the heat index.

My advice to the county executive is: Let people do their jobs and GET A GRIP. After all, not all adults act like children.

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