Congressman Cummings, Fake News, and the “Truth” of the Radical Left
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th February 2017

Pols are doing their best to spread their agenda through more “fake news”

Anyone remember the TV show Ripley’s Believe it or not? 

That’s going to seem eerily familiar in just a moment.

Fake news at its finest, per Congressman Elijah Cummings


Video doesn’t lie, folks. And the videos we have for you today will show that there is no shame from the left as they continue to spew their agenda by calling attention to things that didn’t actually happen.

This is what is referred to as “fake news,” and this particular batch is perpetuated by an out-of-touch and failed political leader who is entrenched in Baltimore City politics.

We all know the latest word on Baltimore City and how it is viewed by the rest of the nation, as illustrated by the following link:


Also, we know just how the radical left feels about open borders and immigration; however, here is a of another version of the truth, courtesy of one of the most respected news programs in the world, 60 Minutes.


And then we have this from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has shown her true colors with statements like, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”

I am quite sure both Congressman Cummings and Speaker Pelosi live and embody this version of reality. It reveals the lunacy of the left.

(Note: Shortly after these statements were made, both Pelosi and Cummings had to retract them for not being accurate or as the Post would say -Fake!)

Believe it … or NOT.

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