Coronavirus update: COVID-19’s newest problem preys on the public
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th April 2020

Sadly, we have uncovered yet another troubling aspect of the terrible coronavirus pandemic that has been inflicted upon the world.

We’ve been getting more information about how China tried to cover up the early stages of this worldwide scourge … but that’s not the latest troubling aspect.

We’ve seen tons of pork added to the stimulus package that was supposed to help those who have been impacted financially … but that’s not the latest troubling aspect, either.

Masks? Curves not flattening? Lack of necessary supplies and equipment?

All troubling, but not what we’re referring to in this article.

No, folks, the latest troubling aspect pertaining to COVID-19 comes from a new dimension known as BLOODSUCKERS.

While the President of the United States Donald Trump is trying to drain the swamp, we the people must deal with the pond scum that can clog up the proverbial drain.



Fox News recently reported that Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) sold as much as $20 million worth of stock in a coronavirus selloff after receiving information during a congressional briefing. Tucker Carlson corrected the math of Ms. Loeffler, who initially reported only selling $3 million.

In addition to dumping stocks as the coronavirus pandemic was spreading, Loeffer and with her husband also invested heavily in DuPont, one of the companies at the forefront of fighting the global pandemic.

(Alliteration alert) People in power who profit from their position are positively preposterous.

Another bloodsucker (or, in this case, bottom feeder) is former disgraced ‘Praise the Lord’ host Jim Baker, who claims to be an evangelist but had to be ordered to stop peddling snake oil as a cure for the deadly coronavirus.

The following video reveals how this scam artist and his followers attempted to prey (not pray) on the fears of those terrified by this global pandemic.



Finally, we offer a unique view of bloodsuckers in our final video clip.

(Warning, following video contains adult language and viewer discretion is advised.)


We hope all of you stay safe, stay well … and avoid the bloodsuckers.


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