Council Votes Down Rosedale Housing Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

November 20, 2013 7:19 pm ET

Councilwoman Bevins represents constituents well

Source: Council Votes Down Rosedale Housing Issue

Like it or not, an elected official’s job is to use “the voice of democracy” to represent his/her constituents. I am happy to report that said voice resonated loudly as the Baltimore County Council unanimously voted to reject state fundingfor a planned low income housing development in Rosedale.

By a 6-0 vote, with one abstention by Councilman Kenneth Oliver, the council said no to Governor O’Malley’s $1 million handout from the MD Department of Housing and Community Development. Thankfully, the council saw through the funding allocation and recognized the doubt about how much the money/project would allow the community to develop.

It made me very proud to finally hear some voices of protest starting to resonate. We Americans have been sold some real whoppers lately—ObamaCare is a great example—and it is good to know that folks are finally recognizing that there are glitches in these pitches. While the President continues to hope that we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya while rallying around his not-so-subtle Socialism, people are actually waking up and realizing that we are not getting what was promised, which—in turn—has brought about the President’s recent decline in his approval ratings.

Glad to see that things are showing some promise. But, anyway, back to the story at hand.

I noticed that some people, like the Sun Columnist Dan Rodricks (or Lt. Dan, as I call him), had some rather interesting thoughts on the council’s vote. Frankly, I have trouble with anything that Mr. Rodricks writes—his credibility is almost nil with me due to his assessment on the issue of life without parole, which he says is determined by the age of the criminal. (By the way, Whitey Bolger is 84. So, Lt. Dan, what should we do with him???)

Again, I digress.

Mr. Rodricks made reference to Councilwoman Cathy Bevins in his article, saying the following:

Cathy Bevins, the Baltimore County Council member who represents the area, has pushed to block state funding for the 50-unit Homes at McCormick development. She says there are too many poor people in Rosedale already, suggesting that the project would attract families from outside the area rather serve those there now. (On a 6-0 vote Monday, the council passed her resolution opposing the development.)”

To combat Councilwoman Bevins, Mr. Rodricks produces what I call a “left wing response” that is lifted from a liberal study done by New York University:

“This is the standard argument used against low-income housing with some Section 8 in almost every area, though studies — in recent years, one by the Urban Institute and the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University — show no link between housing vouchers and increases in crime.

I wonder if Mr. Rodricks forgot to read his own paper, because back on May 20 we saw the following headline appear in the Sun:

More poverty in Baltimore’s suburbs than in Baltimore

New Brookings research shows sharp growth in suburban poor

It makes one wonder why Mr. Rodricks would not look at the local study that compared the surrounding counties to Baltimore City. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the math in that study.

Gee, Lt. Dan, even the liberal Senator Barbara Mikulski took a stand against the Rosedale project. How can you continue to fight for it? Have you forgotten that the county’s budget has seen a huge tip skyward due to a 500% increase in food stamps over the last 10 years?

In my humble opinion, we need to focus less on low income housing and focus more on the real problem—JOBS!

I could repeat that ad infinitum, because we here in “Merry Land” need some real help in the employment sector. Again, Lt. Dan should read his own publication’s headline from November 17:

A long climb back for Md. Industry

The author of that article does not mince words:

“Manufacturing job losses among worst in U.S. but some say trend can be reversed”

If you look at the numbers, we have a serious issue that has nothing to do with housing:

·         540 jobs lost at Solo Cup

·         2,100 jobs lost at Sparrows Point

·         1,100 jobs lost when GM closed

So, my final piece of advice to Mr. Rodricks (other than to read his own newspaper) is to stop whining and get people to STEP UP. You see, stepping up is not just participating, or expecting to be included “just because.” Stepping up is not based upon the redistribution of someone else’s hard earned money. Stepping up has to do with having the drive and qualifications to make it in the real world without expecting someone else to make it happen for you.

To put it in sports terms, when “Little Johnny” grows up to be “Big John” and tries out for the Ravens, the coach won’t care how many “participation trophies” he received (especially when everyone received a trophy). Rather, the coach will look to see if John has the guts, strength, talent, and stamina to make it in the big leagues.

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