Councilman Crandell, Governor Hogan both guilty of censorship on Facebook
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th April 2018

In an article published in The Baltimore Sun, the The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit on behalf of a group of individuals who claimed that Governor Larry Hogan censored his Facebook page to eliminate critical comments regarding his administration.

Although we believe that many other politicians are engaging in the same practice, we have solid evidence that at least one Baltimore County Councilman is following Governor Hogan’s lead–Todd Crandell, who represents the 7th Councilamtic District .

Councilman Crandell has censored The Baltimore Post, as well as community groups and private citizens, as we have attempted to voice our opinions on the his Facebook page.

Here is a quote from the Sun’s article:

Gov. Larry Hogan will keep his official Facebook page open to critical viewpoints under a settlement reached with the ACLU of Maryland and several individuals who claimed in a federal lawsuit that they were banned or blocked for expressing opinions contrary to those of the Republican governor.

Politicians use Facebook to their advantage by controlling the narrative and only allowing people with similar views to post comments.

For example, in the image below, you will see that the Post attempted to comment on Councilman Todd Crandell’s Facebook page; that comment was rejected.



Three more attempts were made for the same message, and all three comments would not appear.

October 17, 2014, was the last time that we were able to provide any type of comment on the councilman’s Facebook page.

Rec & Parks programs are near and dear to my heart. I am grateful to these fine people for their endorsement and I know they join me in supporting and strengthening our district’s programs.

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Meanwhile, the Fort Howard Community Association was also blocked from posting on the councilman’s Facebook page on October 17, 2014.



Here’s another very important quote from the Sun’s article concerning this unmitigated censorship of the councilman’s constituents:

The ACLU of Maryland and four state residents challenged Hogan’s policies governing his Facebook and other social media accounts in a federal lawsuit filed Aug. 1 that accused his administration of unconstitutionally censoring their speech.

So the councilman’s censorship may be an ethics violation as well. To actively and deliberately censor people’s opinions is unconscionable and should be dealt with swiftly.


In addition to censorship on the councilman’s Facebook page, it appears that one of the local weekly papers, The Dundalk Eagle, voted Councilman Crandell as The Best Elected Official.  What is interesting about that vote is that few, if any, knew the vote was even taking place. The Post spoke to Delegate Bob Long, who stated that he was unaware of any so-called vote by the readers of the Dundalk Eagle.


The Post also received several phone calls complaining about how the vote was conducted by management at The Dundalk Eagle. The following was an email sent by the Post to Mr. Jake Owens, the executive editor of the Eagle:


Giving the context of the below article and its implications, we would be interested in the criteria established for the selection of Councilman Todd Crandell receiving this achievement from the Dundalk Eagle.

Can you please provide the announcement or the rules concerning this particular issue.

We eagerly await your response.

Please read the below link to one of the many articles dealing with Councilman Crandell.  If you click on the email you will see that the Councilman’s office is clearly behind this particular movement.


The Post did not receive a response from Mr. Owens.

The real question for Mr. Owens is how does one become the best when the outcome of their efforts reveals the worst as in the following categories:

  • Councilman’s district leads rat infestation
  • One of the highest crime rates in the county
  • Highest unemployment rate
  • Lowest per capita-income
  • Fails in promise to support  and protect North Point Government Center
  • Stops community from community input, (i.e. Tradepoint  Atlantic)
  • Funds private development with taxpayer money (i.e. Tradepoint Atlantic)
  • Censures comments from constituents
  • Advocates vigilantism
  • Highest concentration of Section 8 in Baltimore County

Regarding Councilman Todd Crandell’s egregious act of censorship and unethical conduct, The Baltimore Post will reach out to the Maryland ACLU and request assistance in stopping this unmitigated act of bias against anyone who differs with Mr. Crandell’s opinions.

In addition to seeking remedy through the ACLU, the Post will also ask the Baltimore County Ethics Commission to investigate the matter as well.

The United States is still a democracy, at least the last time we checked. The Baltimore Post will continue to fight for the right of the middle class to have their voices heard over those politicians that favor corporate cronyism and pay-to-play deals that favor developers.

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