Council’s bizarre deal betrays Baltimore County taxpayers
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th September 2019
How do you justify fighting crime in another jurisdiction when you can’t protect your own constituents? (Photo Credit:

It appears that the Baltimore County Council is in lockstep with the Oleszewski administration’s liberal agenda.

The council agreed to assist Baltimore City with $16 million in county taxpayer funds to help form a combined “strike force” specifically aimed at reducing the murder rate in “The City that Bleeds.”

In order to conquer this never-ending crime wave, US Attorney Robert Hur announced at a news conference that the strike force will combine the forces of all local, state, and federal agencies in an attempt to stop the slaughter happening in Baltimore.

Take a look at the following headline that appeared in The Baltimore Sun:

Feds and Baltimore police unveil a permanent ‘strike force’ targeting local drug gangs and foreign suppliers

Here is the quote from that Sun article about the county’s freewheeling spending of our tax dollars for an effort that we believe will do nothing to solve the horrendous Baltimore City homicide rates:

The Baltimore County Council agreed last month to allow the county to serve in the fiduciary role, and approved a 10-year rental agreement Tuesday for the strike force’s new headquarters worth more than $16 million. An earlier proposal to have the city of Annapolis serve the fiduciary role fell apart, delaying the project, officials acknowledged.

It is common knowledge that both the Baltimore County and Baltimore City police departments are forbidden to check on a suspect’s immigration status even if there is probable cause.

Recently, The Baltimore Post addressed this issue in an article about the sanctuary status given to illegals.

Will somebody please explain to us how this “strike force” is going to work when a majority of the drugs are coming from south of the border into the United States? It is a well-known fact that drug cartels supply the demand for illegal narcotics. Those same cartels also are responsible for the mayhem that follows.

Given those facts, and with both the county and city considered to be sanctuary havens, the Post believes this will be another boondoggle of failed strategies that will do little to end the deadly epidemic of homicides impacting both jurisdictions.

There can be no “victory” without establishing a certified reliable crime database that tracks local offenders and the illegals that profit from the protections given to them by politicians.

Unless these unlawful sanctuary policies are dealt with, the problems from gangs like MS-13 will only continue to grow due to the lucrative drug trade. The cartels will not stop sending their products across the border unless there is a real resolve to nationally do something constructive.

The Post feels it is despicable that Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. stood tall as US Attorney Mr. Hur conducted his news conference. Johnny O should know full well that he has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the decay within the rule of law.

Since when did Johnny O become a law enforcement officer, and where is his new police chief Melissa Hyatt? The golden rule for politicians is, “Never miss a good photo op.” ( Photo credit/Facebook)

If the new “strike force” works anything like this investigation then nothing will change … except the body count.




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