County Executive: Protect the Guilty, Punish the Innocent
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th May 2017

Another rouse on the public Photo credit WBAL TV 11

WBAL backs Councilman Crandell to the ‘wall’ on proposed sanctuary bill while Kamenetz spins a web of deception



(Audio above courtesy of WBAL-AM)

The one thing you learn as a police officer is to never go to court without all of your ducks in a row, as the saying goes.

Here we have the war of two worlds: County Executive Kamenetz’s effort to declare Baltimore County a sanctuary harbor for illegals, and the supposed efforts of Councilmen Crandell, Marks, and Kach to introduce legislation to stop it.

I covered this topic in detail in a recent column.  For reasons of clarity and truth, let’s set Councilman Kach aside because he is the one and only person of the aforementioned group whose intentions are good and not politically motivated.

Rather, the liability falls on Crandell and Marks, who refused to respond to a request for an interview on this subject.

Speaking of interviews, the WBAL Radio clip featured here goes to the heart of the sanctuary issue. It contains an audio “grilling” of Councilman Crandell, who could not answer certain questions posed by an experienced broadcast journalist.

You will notice that Councilman Crandell has no statistical data to back up his proposed bill and leaves the front line police officers out of the picture.  This is important because many crimes are misdemeanors, which means that illegals who are not sent to the county detention center will slip through the system.

We see this time and again.

But the County Executive, while speaking on WBAL Radio, was in an apparently clearer state of mind … except he left out a few facts.



His answer regarding the law and crime in Baltimore County, as it relates to the establishment of a  sanctuary county, is an interesting interpretation.

Mr. Kamenetz’s voice may be clear, but his facts are not. (To think this man wants to be governor…) Remember, folks, that being in this country illegally IS A CRIME.

Yet Mr. Kamenetz starts off with a bit about how it’s against the law for police to engage in racial profiling.  While this may be true, it is not against the law, once a crime has been committed, for a police officer to conduct an investigation into the the identity of the suspect.

A classic example would be a DUI arrest involving a person who does not speak English or have any identification.  The officer has the right and obligation under the law to identify who this person is by articulating in his probable cause, since a citizen of the U.S. is required to speak English.  In many cases, a suspect may not have any valid ID, even if an ID is found. As they just discovered in California, certain states have ID card programs rife with fraud.

In reality, race should not enter the equation, but in some instances police officers are simply trying to identify a suspect.

Here is the reality of a sanctuary situation run amok.

Here is a photo of a suspect in a horrific crime who was allowed in the country through a sanctuary city:


To read the full story on this madness, click this link.

Here is a quote from that article that I’m sure Mr. Kamenetz won’t like:  “And so-called ‘sanctuary’ communities remain determined to protect illegal aliens, despite outbreaks of violence in their schools and neighborhoods.”

Watch this segment on the reason for the increase in violence in many of these sanctuary cities:

It’s political correctness run amok.

More on the Kamenetz disinformation: He states in his interview that unlawful search and seizure interferes with sound police work and brags about the low crime rate in Baltimore County. This is the BS story he lays on the taxpayers regarding not raising property taxes for the past 100 years (at least in his mind) when the truth is property taxes go up every year because of built-in increases.

As for Mr. Kamenetz’s statement on the county’s low crime rate, I guess he forgot a few facts. A recent article in the East County Times featured the headline: Homicides, violent crime on the rise in Baltimore County.

According to the Times article, violent crime is up in Baltimore County by 4.3%, which includes homicides, rapes, robbery, aggravated assault, and human trafficking. Many of those are crimes associated with illegals and gangs.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Kamenetz released this mockery of an executive order that will only endanger the taxpaying citizens of this county for a far left agenda.

So there you have it, folks; another snow job on the citizens of Baltimore County by our less than forthright left wing politicians who, hopefully, will be looking for new jobs come the next election.

The citizens deserve better than outright distortions of the truth by, as one attorney put it, “The most corrupt county in the state.”

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