County Mum on Oil Spill at Government Center
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

August 15, 2016 11:01 pm ET

Winds of change bring foul stench to Government Center

Source: County Mum on Oil Spill at Government Center

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Baltimore County has “turned up its nose” at a big stink surrounding the mostly abandoned Government Center.

You see, folks, when I say “mostly abandoned,” I meant except for the police still occupying the top floor.

Here is how the county’s “big stink” stunk up the community well beyond the stank odor.

A longtime volunteer member of the Bread Cheese Creek clean up group stopped by to clean up the area around the GC and noticed a foul odor.

No, it was not the political air (which has a distinctly different stench), but more of a gas or oil smell.

Which, come to think about it, may actually resemble the political stench of the 7th District.

Anyway, this good taxpaying citizen did what one should do, and that was to contact someone who could help.

Note, he did not call the county, but rather chose someone who would take some action—another good and knowledgeable taxpaying citizen.

In response to the stink that stunk up the community, we have discovered that something has polluted the stream than ran close to area schools (that I have been told that children will play around, but I digress on that).

After the more knowledgeable citizen became involved, a call was made to MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) over this foul issue.

MDE actually did address the situation, but first we have a tidbit from a community activist who contacted one of county’s top sniffers, Mr. Vince Gardina of the BC Environmental Protection Overview, who responded that “the county did not have the resources to clean up the stream.”

One has to wonder if the county could have, at the very least, sniffed the area to see what was causing the stink before determining that nothing could be done.

I inquired about the lack of a county response, but all of my emails have gone unanswered, although I did say this article might not come out until Tuesday morning.

If I do get a reply, I will put out a “smell alert.”

However, I am guessing that nothing will happen, just like nothing happened to clean up the mess. After all, how can the county have the funds to clean up an environmental issue that could affect children when all of the money goes to developers on tax breaks like TradePoint Atlantic.

I still can’t seem to find those 10,000 jobs that were promised.

Now let’s get down to the real bare facts, or in this case, the slimly stuff oozing into our waterways.

And no, it has nothing to do with the millions lost on Mr. Kamenetz’s plans to sell the government center. Rather, this whole mess has to do with the fact that the county has turned a blind eye to this little disaster of an oil spill and failed to notify anyone in the community.

The only words said to the community were “no way, no can do.”

Our councilman, Todd Crandell, also failed his course in etiquette by not excusing himself for not responding (typical) to questions.

Just to ensure that I left no stone (or stain) unturned, here are the emails I sent “the powers that be (silent)” in an attempt at garnishing some information:

Councilman Todd Crandell:

Do you wish to comment on this? I was told you ignored this issue.

If this is not true then forward your previous documented responses.


Buzz Beeler

——– Forwarded Message ——–


Government Center Oil Spill


Mon, 15 Aug 2016 07:41:20 -0400


Buzz Beeler <>


Ellen Kobler <>


Don Mohler <>,<>

Ms. Kobler, attached is a email concerning the county’s response to the oil tank spillage at the government center.

I will be going to print latter in the evening on Monday, 8/15 or Tuesday morning, 8/16. This is not a subject the county is unfamiliar with.


Buzz Beeler

There you have it, folks—my due diligence.

I will sum it up this way…

If a man (Kevin Kamentz) wants to be governor, that man should learn some table manners and clean up his messes, or at the very least excuse himself after belching a stinky oily mess.

As for Mr. Crandell, maybe the voters can teach him some etiquette in how to respond to his constituents.

Now you don’t think for a moment I would leave without some solid photo evidence. I even threw in another document.

Now a photo collage of the muck:

I guess Mr. Gardina doesn’t want to soil his hands in the gooey mess because he is already double dipping in county pensions that is.

Check back later to see if the county responded to any of my emails.

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