Covering up the “cancer” in county classrooms
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd March 2018

When a person is stricken with a serious illness, that person strives to get better quickly. Consider someone being advised that they have cancer. Any reasonable person would react with horror and fear. However, after the shock of the diagnosis wears off, most people would ask what the next steps would be to get rid of the awful disease.

And I’m quite sure the patient would never want to hear the doctor say, “We will get back to you in a couple of years and let you know what we can do to help you … if you’re not already dead.”

Yet, as crazy as that may sound, that is exactly what is taking place in BCPS. Our county schools, unlike most rational people, have no desire to expel the “cancer” plaguing the system.

In 2014, The Baltimore Post first reported on such a cancer within BCPS.

Now in some school systems, the cancer can be extremely aggressive–we witnessed that in Florida. By saying nothing and doing nothing, though, the status quo is allowed to proceed unabated.

The latest “diagnosis” started with a Facebook post showing testimony of Delegate Robin Grammer from the 6th District of Baltimore County regarding his proposed legislation HP 76 (seen below), as well as his statement regarding another violent incident occurring at BCPS.

If one listens closely, you can hear Delegate Pat McDonough’s voice in the background calling the opposition to Delegate Grammer’s the continuing lack of transparency concerning BCPS.

Here is Del. Grammer’s live testimony from earlier today:


Immediately after Del. Grammer’s Facebook feed went live, The Baltimore Post started receiving phone calls. The Post attempted to verify the situation Del. Grammer spoke about, which happened with the help of concerned parents who forwarded us a Facebook post giving a victim’s account of an alleged assault.


Photo Credit: Facebook (names have been redacted)


The Post then contacted the media relations unit of the Baltimore County Police Department, which gave the following response. (Note: The Post removed all identifying names, which include both the school resource officer and the victim.)

Mr. Beeler,

I have searched for all calls and read all reports initiated for 7855 Trappe Rd, General John Stricker Middle School for the entire 2018 calendar year. There are no existing calls meeting the description of the circumstances you outlined in reference to this facebook post: There are no reports involving the juvenile you are referencing (name is noted in comments by the mother in her facebook post). I would also note that this lack of finding is substantiated in the woman’s Facebook post in her comments as she writes, “[mother] I am as soon as school reopens on Monday… They closed schools today because of the wind.” Therefore, if either of these incidents legitimately occurred, both have gone unreported to the police department.


That statement is in direct contrast to the victim’s mother, who gave that account above regarding what happened to her daughter at the General John Stricker Middle School.

Now if you read the article we wrote back in 2014 during the Dallas Dance administration, you will notice the same lack of transparency for issues dealing with berated school bus drivers.

Del. Grammer’s proposed bill may lead to some accountability from those who have allowed this cancer to spread unabated and untreated. HB 76 will require members of the Board of Education to reveal their votes regarding serious issues that every parent should have the right to be aware of, considering it is our school system and not that of the ideologues.

Consider the recent ethics charges against interim Superintendent Verletta White, as reported in this Baltimore Sun article. According to Del. Grammer, all of the board members’ votes involving Ms. White’s ethical issues were sealed.

So much for transparency in a system that has done nothing but cover up issues since the days of the now-indicted Dr. Dance.

According to Del. Grammer, all of the Republican delegates are on board with his bill. He went on to say that the major roadblock this important legislation is Del. Steve Lafferty, a Democrat from District 42A of Baltimore County.

Del. Lafferty did not return phone calls to the Post seeking comment. We did leave a message that phone listed as one of his contact numbers, (301) 858-3501 is no longer in service.

In addition after reading this article a caller stated that they also did not receive any response from Del. Lafferty’s office regarding a community project.


Democrat Stephen Lafferty (Photo Credit:

Additionally, Del. Grammer revealed that only one Democrat supports his bill.

So much for common sense, as related by Del. Grammer’s in this comment:

House Bill 76 is a common sense Bill. Every single voter wants to know how their representative is voting. And anyone who is trying to stop this Bill is perpetuating the cover-up-mentality that they have in Baltimore County Public Schools

Such is the case is seen in the Facebook posting we included above. This kind of behavior must be stopped in the same way medical science fights cancer–eradication

In our humble opinion, we believe it is unconscionable that these politicians would attempt to block such important legislation. Those who refuse to act should be held accountable in the midterm elections.

In closing, we believe what took place today is another attempt by BCPS to once again cover up another cancerous tumor that is eating away at our children’s safety and education.

The Post also believes that Interim Superintendent Verletta White is just as responsible as the now-indicted Dr. Dance in perpetuating this cult of silence.

This can no longer be tolerated by the taxpayers and voters of Baltimore County. There must be accountability regarding everyone involved.

The Post will continue to report on this matter. The parents and students of Baltimore County need someone watching their backs.

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